This user’s guide provides instructions on how to install the DSL-GT ADSL Router and use it to . One DSL-GT g Wireless ADSL Ethernet Router. Login to Dlink DSL-GT Router · Change your Dlink DSL-GT IP Address · Setup DNS for your Dlink DSL-GT · Dlink DSL-GT WiFi Instructions. View and Download D-Link DSL-GT user manual online. Wireless ADSL Router. DSL-GT Wireless Router pdf manual download.

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D-Link DSL-G604T User Manual

To maanual the manual completely, please, download it. From the Start menu on your desktop, go to Settings, then click on Network Connections. Insert the AC Power Adapter cord into the power receptacle located on the rear panel of the Router and plug the adapter into a suitable nearby power source. The ADSL connection is made using ordinary telephone line with standard connectors.


The modem has been pre- configured for 8 PVCs. Click twice to confirm and save your changes, and then close the Control Panel. The levels available are: Up to eight PVCs to eight separate destinations can be created and operated simultaneously utilizing the same bandwidth. Mnaual may click Back during the Setup procedure to return to the previous screen in the Setup Wizard, or Exit to exit the Setup Wizard at any time during the procedure. Warranty And Registration D-Link offices is provided at the back of this manual, together with a copy of the Registration Card.

Dlink DSL-G604T User Manual

To power on the Router: The first three numbers define the network IP address all machines must belong to the same IP networkwhile the last number denotes the host IP address each computer must have a unique address to distinguish it on the network. Much of the information necessary in these screens must be supplied to you by your ISP. Use standard telephone cable with standard RJ connectors. Once the WAN connection is functioning properly you may continue to make changes to the Router configuration including the IP settings.


Remote Log window Select the Log Level from the pull-down menu. See the Rear Panel diagram above and the illustrations below for examples. A secure point-to-point connection is established between the user and the central office of the service provider. You can launch the Setup Wizard from this page or use the menu buttons located in the left panel of the web page to view other menus used for basic configuration.

The first menu that appears in the Tools directory is used to change the system password used to access the web manager, to save or load Router configuration settings, save current configuration settings, restore default settings, and to reboot the Router or just the wireless access point.

If you do not want to enable the Wireless LAN connection now, leave the box empty and click Next to continue to the final step of the Setup Wizard.

The Router is easy to install and use. This IP address is not protected by NAT and will therefore be visible to agents on the Internet with the right type of software.

In the example above, available addresses range mnual The splitter has three RJ ports used to connect to the wall jack, the Router and if desired, a telephone or telephone device. To enable or disable the wireless interface, configure a new SSID or change the broadcast channel, click on the Wireless Setup link to view the menu displayed below.

  DIN 4102-2 PDF

Wireless security settings are configured using the WirelessSettings menu located in the Home directory. Advanced wireless security settings can also be configured with the Setup Wizard.

To view a specific section, click on its hyperlinked name.

Click the Next button to continue to the final step. Computer to Router Connection Figure 2- 1.

Download Manual for the Dlink DSL-GT

The user may save the settings configured on the router by clicking the Save button. Click Next to continue. Open the Control Panel window, and then click the Network icon.

Wireless Lan Basics It will allow access to the wireless network to devices using the correct SSID after a negotiation process takes place. Device Info The device info window, located under the Status tab will allow users to view information regarding the settings of the Router, both on the LAN side and WAN side of the connection. Del-g604t Apply after you have made csl-g604t proper selection.

Double-click the Network and Dial-up Connections icon. Type in IP settings as follows, IP address: IP routing for the LAN and wireless connectivity in one package.

The default Username is admin. There are three choices: This window will aid the user in troubleshooting various problems that may occur with the functionality of the router.