Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. Two con . The musical opened on Broadway at the Imperial Theatre on March 3, Directed by STAGE MANAGER SCRIPT. Documents Similar To Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Libretto. Company Dirty Rotten Scoundrels Uploaded by 13 the Musical – Libretto. Uploaded by. Documents Similar To Dirty Rotten Scoundrels. BarePart1. Uploaded by City of Angels Script PDF. Uploaded by Gypsy sheet musical score. Uploaded by.

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So I suppose I’ll just leave now. Skip to main content. Sophisticated, suave with a good dash of mischief, this hysterical comedy features a delightfully jazzy score by David Yazbek The Full Monty and zcript nominated for a staggering eleven Tony Awards. The game is almost up when Muriel comes upon Lawrence impersonating the doctor.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Abridged

A run-of-the-mill “George W Bush is stupid” joke, and then Norbert enters with a hand scirpt his pants. Although I sure as hell can’t figure out what to classify it as.

Lawrence Jameson an impeccably dressed Brit emerges with Andre his French assistant. After meeting on a train, they attempt to work together, only to find that this small French town isn’t big enough for the two of them.

Except for we get to see what Tuxes look like. Nothing is Too Wonderful to Be True.

John Lithgow and the French Guy sing a smooth two-part harmony song that mis establishes the musical as being classy, slow, and entirely devoid of any punch. Andre and Lawrence observe this act and watch Christine escort Freddy back to her room to finish the letter. As she disappears to the bathroom to prepare, Freddy celebrates his victory csoundrels the Waist”. When Christine leaves, Lawrence tells Freddy that they ethically need to call it off.


See musicql I care.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels: Abridged – Broadway Abridged

Christine Colgate isn’t an heiress; she simply won a contest. Listen to a cast or demo recording before licensing your next musical. Emil Shuffhausen who happens to be in the hotel In addition, you agree that the following billing shall appear on the main credit page rottrn all theater programs:. Not like we have anything else more interesting we can do in the context of this plot. What a funny name. Andre finds Lawrence to tell him that he has lost the bet to Buzz.

Back in Lawrence’s Villa, Freddy is left in his wheelchair at the bottom of the stairs while Lawrence gives Christine a tour and makes private attempts to get close to her. What a naughty totten The two men have set up a royalty scam “What They Want” to provide these visiting women “escape from the ennui” — and to live comfortably off their money!

Buzz returns to Christine’s suite and confesses his love. Costume Rentals — The Theatre Company. EVERY show should have a turntable! John Lithgow snaps, and the lighting changes. When he is finally introduced, he calls her “mother” and goes wild before being “sedated. You must have gotten picked on a lot as a child!

I have learned something since Full Monty: Son of Mjsical Big Stuff. If I really wanted to do my job, I would’ve came in every fricking seven minutes. Freddy and Lawrence now place a bet: Just as soon as Freddy feigns hunger pains, charitable work and an ill grandmother to this unfortunate woman, her husband returns.


Ruprecht eats a goldfish, licks his brother and mounts him before even greeting Jolene. I mentioned him very briefly an hour scoundrelz a half ago Norbert eventually stops rapping.

Meanwhile,Muriel is checking back into the hotel downstairs, Andre is paying a bellboy to page the doctor and Lawrence is preparing his next character. He pulls out a wooden stick and begins to hit Norbert Leo Butz’s legs very hard. Percentages listed indicate required type size in relation to title size. So is it a deal? Why don’t I just say a bunch of non-sequiturs that rhyme!

You just keep going in and out of it.

Dirty Rotten Scoundrels | Music Theatre International

Be sure to make the audience feel uncomfortable with the sudden tone switch in the show! Abridged “Papa, Mister Hooper’s camera is getting awfully close. Emil Shuffhausen “tests” Buzz’s paralysis by increasingly inflicting pain on his lower body muscal mit Shuffhausen”.

Amidst a well-dressed crowd, multiple women are looking for the prince. Love is My Legs. Lawrence simply shuts the door to fuel the paraplegic’s envy “The More We Dance”. Son of Great Jusical Stuff. No, I was wrong.