console by dropping SC48 right into an existing cabling system. live sound systems operate under easy-to-use VENUE software, simply learn it once and you. View and Download Avid Technology VENUE SC48 manual online. Digital Mixer with Dual Power Supply. VENUE SC48 Music Mixer pdf manual download. SC48 Guide – Read more about input, output, channels, venue, snapshots and snapshot. DM V2 Owner’s Manual – Yamaha Commercial Audio.

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Event production and Audio-Visual Services courtesy of Phone: This equipment has been tested digidesibn found to comply with the limits for a www. It should remain accessible after installation. Undoing Changes Using the History Feature Overview and Installation www. Do not apply any cleaning solutions, spray cleaners, or tional AO16 Analog Output card. Stage Outputs Power and Reset switches On standard systems with a single AO16 card in slot D, hardware outputs are numbered 1— Adding an AO16 or XO16 output expansion card will add outputs to slot E, and those hardware outputs will be numbered 17— Connect the other end to the appropriate GPI port on the external device.

If the LED is off, that tion page.

Using Flip to Faders, it is possible to control send level from When multiple channels are selected, the Channel Name dis- the faders, and pan on the encoders. For information, see play indicates which channel is the ACS target.

User This switch is reserved for future use. The 6-character Selected Channel display shows the name of the currently selected channel. The Selected Channel display temporarily reverts to a parameter display mode any time an encoder is adjusted on the selected channel. Flex Channel, letting you keep constant control over your most important signal. Next Plug-in switch advances you to the next plug-in inserted on the current channel.

Aux 9—16 Assigns the Output Faders to Aux 9—16 levels. Matrixes Assigns the Output Faders to control Matrix mixer output sigidesign.

User reviews: Digidesign Venue SC48 – Audiofanzine

maanual Groups Assigns the Output Faders to control Group levels. Provides Mute Group assignment and selection in default Mute Groups mode, or can be switched to provide eight Func- Snapshots tion switches F keys in Function mode. The global Cancel switch is also located in this section.

Footswitches All Footswitch inputs are disabled while the sys- tem is locked. While the system is locked: These nally or externally generated. Double-press the Fine switch. The switch LED lights.

Viewing pages Select or adjust one or more channels, parameters, or pro- cessors. Press the Fine switch again to exit latching mode. User The User switch is reserved for future use.

Avid Technology VENUE SC48 Manual

Load, save, and transfer shows and presets, and access the con- www. Inputs Select, name, configure, and adjust parameters for input chan- nels and FX Returns. To enable Bank Safe mode on-screen: Nanual Bank Safe on-screen www. Input or Outputs screen. Click to select channel To remove a channel from a selection: Control-click or Fine-click a highlighted channel. Renaming changes the displayed name associated with each channel, but the absolute channel number remains fixed.


VENUE SC48 User Manual – SFL

Adjusting a parameter value by dragging over its text box Selected channels Dragging multiple faders on-screen www. Screen Shortcuts Do one of the following: Blank strip in position 16, Right-click menu shown On-screen, right-click on the destination strip where you want to move the selected channel.

Choose Move Selected Strip Here from the pop-up menu. Snapshots cannot store and recall custom console channel position. Blank strips can be inserted manually, and are also created au- www. To rename, duplicate, overwrite or delete a Channel Preset: Channel Names and Presets New presets automatically inherit the current Input Channel Name, or you can give them a custom name in the Presets window. Channel Con- Using Channel Control is as simple as selecting one or more trol also lets you create a custom User set of controls for im- channels and choosing a Channel Control function to adjust Function switches and background colors for Channel Con- trol are listed in the following table.

This will be the case after a Clear Console, after clearing all Channel Control assignments, after the first time the console is powered on, or after loading a Show file from a different system that does not support Channel Control. Click to choose a Main Bus mode. The Busses page lets you customize characteristics for the Aux, To display the Devices tab: Solo, Matrix, and Main busses. Monitoring Sets the level of the headphone output. Delay Sets a delay for time-aligning headphones to the house system.

Talkback Dim Level Sets the dim level, which is the amount of attenuation applied to the mix on the output bus when Talk- back is activated.

Route Enables Route Talkback to Selected mode, to assign the Talkback signal to the currently selected output channel s. Selected Chan sections also known as the Clip and Peak hold. Right-click either of the selected mono channels on-screen and choose Make Selected Mono Strips Stereo. To set the number of available Input Channels: Put the system into Config mode. The switch lights when the pad is applied to the Stage input. The Gain Guess feature turns the Pad on or off as needed to accommodate incoming signal level www.

Go to the Inputs page. Click the Input Direct button in the Config section of the In- puts page for the selected channel. The button flashes to indi- cate Input Direct mode is active. Input Direct Input Direct button www. Outputs and Output Routing This chapter shows how to do the following: Go to the Outputs page or the Patchbay page. Output name and destination in the Patchbay Outputs page Target the channel whose name you want to change by pressing its Select switch or selecting it on-screen.


Double-click the channel name. For more information on Mute operation, see Chapter 16, Choose the output fader bank you wish to control. In the Outputs page, click the on-screen channel Link but- A variable delay can be applied to any of the Main busses L, R www.

To configure the Direct Output pickoff point for Inputs: Go to the Options page and click the Pickoffs tab. Channel Type Available Pickoff Points www. Groups This chapter shows how to do the following: To route channels to any number of Group busses: Un- used channel strips are left blank and inactive.

If the Group contains more than 16 members only the first 16 members are shown. Press the Pan switch in the Output encoder section once to contribution to the odd and even sides of the bus pair. Turn a rotary encoder to adjust the pan for the correspond- ing mono Group. To set the link status of individual mono Group busses on a channel Expert Mode only: Press the Pan switch in the Output encoder section.

Aux Sends This chapter explains the following Aux Sends operations: To manuzl channels idgidesign Aux Sends busses using the Channel Control section: P in front manuzl the name of the Aux in the LCD. For Viewing Aux Bus Rigidesign linked bus pairs: The state of the Aux controls follow the state of the corre- sponding controls on the Input Channels assigned to the Mains: Matrix Mixers The Outputs section offers 8 mono or up to four paris of stereo-linked Matrix mixers for sd48 up alternate mixes, fill and delay feeds, and cue, monitor or press mixes.

Click OK sc84 complete the link operation, or click Can- Linking Matrixes is accomplished using the same Edit and cel to cancel without changes. Apply methods used for stereo linking Auxes. You can reset level, pan and stereo link settings for any matrix www. This ensures that all mixes are not penalized in the case of one or more exceptionally high-latency signal paths.

Channels that feed User Inputs and Auxes pre-insert will not be fully compensated for. Patchbay The main tools and sections of the Patchbay screen are the fol- Accessing the Patchbay lowing: To show the Patchbay screen: Adjusting Direct Output level from the Patchbay and forth between Patchbay screens.

To suppress the reassignment warning dialog, hold Default on the control surface or Alt on the computer keyboard while clicking in the patch grid.