A key difference between FERA and FEMA is that the former regulated the foreign trade while the later encouraged it. DIFFERENCES. CHANGES / PROGRESSION FROM FERA TO FEMA – A STEP AHEAD. Similarities. The similarities between FERA and FEMA are as follows. Difference between FERA and FEMA (Foreign Exchange Regulation Act and Foreign Exchange Management Act). Article shared by. FERA (Foreign Exchange.

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This is exactly the reason why a conversation will likely be found inside the subsequent hints to complicated their own meaning and forms. This information is updated till 08 October It aims to manage foreign exchange more efficiently rather than conserving it.

Differences Between FERA and FEMA | Difference Between | FERA vs FEMA

It provides power to the Reserve Bank for specifying, inconsultation with the central government, the classes of capital account transactions and limits to which exchange is admissible for such transactions.

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Diffeeence FEMA makes offences relating to foreign civil offences. The scope and power of search and seizure has been curtailed to a great extent. FERA is a non-compoundable offense, which means that the complainant cannot enter into a compromise and drop the case against the accused. Legal Name of the entity. Imprisonment is prescribed only when one fails to pay the penalty.

On the other hand, contravening the provisions fdma FERA results to betwene term with no requirement of monetary charges. Comments helpful for my mba exam thanks….

differnce On one opposite element, the FEMA is made for that primary intention of aiding the surface trade along with capital. Fine or imprisonment if the person does not deposit the prescribed penalty within 90 days from the date of conviction. FEMA do not view outflow of foreign exchange as an evil act however it rather works to factor it out to manage the process of foreign exchange.


Difference Between FERA and FEMA

FEMA has also by and large removed the restrictions on transactions in foreign Exchange on account of trade in goods, services except for retaining certain enabling aand for the Central Government to impose reasonable restriction in public interest. FERA executes and controls foreign exchange transactions quietly and conservatively, which do many foreign exchange experts as restrictive consider.

FEMA is more human and natural in nature and removed all kinds of restrictions on withdrawal of foreign exchange. The act was formulated and implemented in Check out this article to know more differences between the two acts.

This act is a civil law and the contraventions of the Act provide for arrest only in exceptional cases. Under the FEMA, provisions related to foreign exchange have been modified and liberalised so as to simplify foreign trade and payments.

FEMA also encourages the maintenance and fra of the foreign exchange market in India. Provisions of Foreign Exchange Management Act. PAN of the Business. It aimed at conserving foreign currency and its optimum utilisation for the development of the economy. FERA conferred wide powers on a police officer not below the rank of a Deputy Superintendent of Police to make a search.

It promotes more liberal form of economy. Get New Comparisons in your inbox: It was approved by the Parliament in Violation of FERA is a non-compoundable offence in the eyes of law.

Terms like Capital Account Abd, current account Bwtween person, service etc. On one flip side hand, FEMA represents Foreign Exchange Management Act that has been passed because of statement in Indian Parliament from the national government inside the yr of This activity directly betwesn into the capacities of multi national businesses working in India.

FERA consisted of 81 sections, and was more complex. The primary purpose of FEMA is to regulate and facilitate foreign exchange while at the same time ajd the development of forex market in the country. Conversely, diference punishment for violating the provisions of FEMA is a monetary penalty, which may turn into imprisonment if the fine is not paid on time.


If you do not wish to log-out, choose ‘Let me continue’. The act has a large number of sections 81which portrays how detailed and exhaustive the law is. It was implemented to regulate foreign payments and to ensure optimum use of foreign currency in India.

Moreover, any agency that is managed by a resident of India is also subjected to requirements of FEMA. FEMA has the responsibility of ensuring that there is the orderly management of foreign exchange market in the country. It specifically deals with possession and retention of foreign currency and includes all kinds of foreign securities and immovable property. This means that any person who is citizenship is subjected to all the provisions of the foreign exchange regulation act.

Differences Between FERA and FEMA

Essay on Venture Capital Words. The act applies to the whole country. Even the Enactment of all FEMA similarly started with all the prevention of money laundering behave where as the elderly sentences are dropped outside in fresh enactment. Under FEMA the quantum of penalty has been considerably decreased to three times the amount involved.

Any attempt to act against the provisions of FEMA attracts a monetary penalty, which may change to imprisonment if the accused fails to pay the financial penalty on time. It classified the foreign exchange transactions in two categories, viz.

It extends to whole of fdma country. This statute was enacted in FERA applied to the citizens of India and was enacted at a time when the foreign exchange of the country was experiencing challenges while FEMA applied to persons staying in India for more than six months.