Para averiguar más sobre los principios de Dianética y Scientology y su uso, solicita un catálogo gratuito de libros, audiolibros, películas y conferencias. El corpus completo de conocimiento que conforma la religión de Scientology está contenido en más de cuarenta millones de palabras habladas y escritas. Buy DIANETICA. EL PODER(LIBRO)DEL PENSAMIENTO SOBRE EL CUERPO. by L. RONALD HUBBARD (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store.

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From his adventurous youth in a rough-and-tumble American West to his far-flung trek across a still mysterious Asia; from his two-decade search for the essence of life to the triumph of Dianetics and Scientology—such is the story Ron recounts in a lecture so legendary, it has been heard by millions.

Ronald Hubbard presentando su descubrimiento de la mente reactiva que subyace y esclaviza al hombre. When still a young man attending university, Ron observed that those working in the humanities had no training in the exact sciences. Believing that the precision of the scientific method might furnish a solution to the problems of life, he urged faculty members of the psychology department to apply the principles of physics to the field of the mind.

It was an entirely novel approach. And when no one took up the challenge—either then or in xianetica years—Ron undertook the task himself. Yet not withstanding the feats that testified to remarkable powers, here was a land where wisdom was deemed sacred – so sacred, in fact, these Oriental holy men declined to use their considerable abilities to solve the real and urgent problems of living Everyone performs certain routine tasks automatically.

Driving a car would be ,ibro indeed if one had to think newly of every tiny procedure.

La Cienciología aterriza con fuerza en Colombia

His education, for example? Or even his entire life? The answers are here and they open a completely new perspective on the mind. To the degree an individual has withdrawn from participation in an area of life, he substitutes an automatic mental mechanism for himself. Money is, of course, something with which everyone is familiar.

But how many people truly understand the role money plays in the society? Judging from the duress and anxiety associated withthis subject, few people are aware of the real purpose and function of money. Here Ron delineates its proper role inassisting the survival of ligro, groups and cultures.


Ron Hubbard reveals discoveries that provide a dianwtica new perspective on efficiency—not in a mechanical sense, but in terms of thought, emotion, and effort.

Diahetica, here is the explanation of why an address to thought is of paramount importance, in that thought alone can change emotion and effort.

Lo esencial de Scientology para cada aspecto de la vida.

It is no minor breakthrough to at last answer the question of how to achieve abundant survival in this crucial part of life. With this knowledge, anyone can discover what the Second Dynamic really is and understand its exact relationship to the rest of their life.

And thus, whether as individuals, couples, or families, they can finally realize its full potential for happiness. Every human being seeks to know the truth about himself and to resolve to his own satisfaction the mysteries of life. And therefore, for many thousands of years, countless philosophical and religious teachings have sought to enlighten people with answers.

But where their practitioners insisted – indeed, demanded – that their answers must be the answers, they blocked the road to greater freedom for millions of people. Help pervades every part of life. Yet few people realize the degree to which it determines their survival.

Libros en Película – por L. Ronald Hubbard

For the willingness to give and receive help lies at the foundation of all human reactions and behavior. Since time immemorial, Man has sought to liberate the soul from the body and so achieve immortality. In this account of the religious heritage that stands behind Scientology, L. Those were the questions Ron posed when seeking workable answers to the problems of both the individual and society.

After examining the whole of life in lihro variety and complexity, he isolated a common denominator to all living things—the Dynamic Principle of Existence: It has no mass or location. Dianettica is not energy. Yet it is alive. And it gives life. Indeed, this is you. The discovery that each individual is, in fact, a source of life radically alters the relationship between Man and the material universe.


Indeed, it is lubro word that symbolizesthe dreams and goals of every human being. Yet its very power makes it liable to abusive ends entirely opposed to dianrtica true meaning. Yet in spite of, or perhaps because of, the crucial intensity of this quest, its continuing failure down the centuries accumulated ever-deepening problems for Man.

In this lecture, Ron explains why life is best understood by likening dianerica to a game, whereupon he defines both its prerequisites and conditions, showing that it follows the rules of any game. For regardless of what, where or how an individual plays the games of existence – and regardless of whether he consented to play – those rules are always the same.

And with everything Ron puts on the board, he provides a completely new understanding of all that comprises human behavior. Here, then, is not only the knowledge to play and win at a game of one’s one choosing. Released on May 9,Dianetics: The Modern Science of Mental Health became an overnight publishing sensation.

Immediately hitting the New York Times best seller list and remaining there for 26 consecutive weeks, it was unquestionably the most popular book ever published on the human mind—a distinction it holds to this day.

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