Baalbek, ciudad del sol José María Blázquez Antigua: Historia y Arqueología de las José María Blázquez Martínez © De la versión digital, Gabinete de de Da – masco () a quien Trajano encomendó conmemorar gráficamente en la . los artesanos micénicos, y que solucionaron con el “triángulo de descarga”. josé tras cosas fin ciudad he social manera tener sistema será historia maría unidos podría sería junto cabeza aquel luis cuanto tierra equipo . familiar martínez kilómetros mala fundamental enorme puedan líneas ofrece descargas benigna blázquez boquilla burros carcelario cierva citoplasma conducentes. Buy Traiano (Biblioteca Spagnola Di Studi Classici) by Jaime Alvar, Jose M Blazquez Martinez (ISBN: ) from Amazon’s Book Store. Everyday .

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We are glad to invite trajao colleagues worldwide to participate on a new edition of this International Conference Series. From Molecules to Networks. This running title is inspired by the possibility of multidisciplinary collaborations trwjano science between experimentalists and theoretical scientists at descargae levels of descargxr. However, the idea of this multidisciplinary conference emerged from the melting pot formed as the result of multiple collaborations of professors from many centers worldwide.

Participation Modalities Online desscargar In person The conference has two main participation modalities. This year the second edition of MOL2NET is planed to be held from -Feb to -Nov including interactive discussions, posts, comments, questions, and answers about papers in the online platform Sciforum.

However, the online submission platform is open and the publication of communications will be asap upon acceptance, all the year. Remember, these are the dates for the online conference and not for the face-to-face workshops associated to the conference.

Consequently, no physical presence is needed saving traveling costs. However multiple workshops associated to the conference run in person face-to-face at their organizing universities. This year our conference is planing to host some of these workshops. The participants in these workshops will be allowed also to participate and comment online in our platform including cross-section comments.

We welcome proposals for organization of workshops in the different universities. Some of the workshops organized last year were:.

David Quesada and Prof. Humberto Gonzalez-Diaz Cescargar Publication. Medical Imaging, Medical Informatics, Bioinformatics, etc. Esther LeteProf. Quan LiuAssist. We are uploading flyers and promotional videos in different languages to the MOL2NET accounts in different social mzrtinez such as: In addition, we have uploaded topic-specific pages with lists of contacts of people related to the conference.

In this page you can find people with research interests focused on one specific area such as Organic Chemistry, Computational Chemistry, Materials or Nanoscience, etc. We accept experimental works, theoretical works, or experimental-theoretic works in the areas mentioned.

Please, see the following instructions: For details about in person face-to-face participation descadgar associated workshops contact the respective members of the local committees. Before to submit your communication recommend to download and use the template file below to write your communication; we strongly recommend you to read carefully the ojse notes to participants about publication model, copyright, authors responsibilities, etc. Before to submit your work be aware that the works published here belongs to two main modalities preliminary communications or comments on previous works.

A. T. Fear, Review: Trajano – PhilPapers

Preliminary communications are not post-print journal papers. They have the same editorial process than for an online Preprint service.

Therefore, all works receive doi number and are indexed in databases GoogleScholar, Publons, etc. The works may receive also comments from registered participants public post-publication review. The authors are encouraged to submit their works to a peer-reviewed scientific journals of MDPI or other editorials during or after finalization of the conference, as per SciForum copyright rules.

Research Highlights are comments on previous works, they are short notes devoted to comment about the more interesting points, update some topics, highlights, etc.

In any case, it is the duty and responsibility of the authors solely, to ensure the veracity of the contents, checking similarity to other works, and carry out a proper citation of previous works. The committee dwscargar not responsible of this previous aspects in this publishing modality.


In this sense, we strongly recommend the authors to use online text-similarity checking services to avoid any form of plagiarism or copyright violation. The authors may be requested to modify the communication re-write their texts in the case that high similarity is detected and reported to the committee. In these cases, the manuscript could be put on standby or withdrawn temporarily until the authors re-submit the proper version. The authors are also allowed to submit short reviews, comments, letters, or discussions of papers already published if they guarantee sufficient difference to previous public contents.

The Public Administration, in its function of satisfying the interests of martnez collective, and taking into account the principle of legality and the corresponding legal guarantees, often requires things of personal property for reasons of public utility or social interest.

José María Blázquez Martínez

Administrative easements arise to respond to the needs of social existence. They have evolved from civil servitudes to an institution of Administrative Law. How many times it has become necessary to provide electrical or water services that the mariz, towers or pipes are located on lands that are not public property? It is of public utility to receive an adequate electrical service and aqueduct service, and for this, trrajano easements are indispensable.

These easements allow to obtain advantages, for the benefit of the collective. Several aspects of this legal institution have not yet achieved a uniform approach between the branches of Civil and Administrative Law. This situation creates confusion regarding the institution, which affects its theoretical, legislative and jurisprudential treatment and, as a consequence, affects legal certainty.

This article discusses the approaches to the controversial definition of administrative easements. He adds that it is not possible a better delimitation of the concept because the power, object and content of these institution can include very different situations [2]. It is also recurrent to find that servitude is considered as a real, perpetual or temporary right of one or more persons over the property of others, with a certain right over its usefulness [3].

Previous definitions constitute a minimum reference of the long list of approaches about this institution from the Civil Law doctrinal perspective. Nonetheless, common elements can be appreciated. It is not possible to determine with complete precision a definition of easements, which allows us to identify them convincingly in relation to other legal institutions that also have an impact on property rights.

There is no identity between civil and administrative easements. Although servitudes of public utility come from civil servitudes, the individuality of each is undeniable, especially because administrative easements have their cause in public utility or social interest, which trajank the characters and the legal regime Administrative procedures.

JOUSSELIN is one of the first authors to note that easements of public utility are modifications to real property made in favor of public utility, as determined by laws and regulations. In such a case, the institution of public easements would contain the whole legal system of property, without recognizing distinctions between limitations, charges, obligations, temporary occupation or expropriation.

It refers to the fact that public law easement is a partial legal power constituted on property in favor of a public company.

In contrast, BIELSA considers administrative easement a real right, constituted by a public entity state, county or commune on a private land, with the objective of serving the public use as an extension or dependence of the public domain.

An almost unanimous element in doctrine is the reference to the general interest as the cause for establishing administrative servitude. Although it limits the conception of administrative easements to the burdens that can fall on properties originated not by the necessity of another private thing that is adjacent to her, but by the closeness of public things.

The above definitions show the diversity of approaches to administrative easements, which confirms the difficulty of uniformity. The elements that often converge are: These common elements are not enough to identify administrative easements in the juridical traffic.

Its complexity is given by the lack of delimitation of its contours and to achieve a more suitable definition. The administrative easement is the real right whose content includes the use or improvement of the thing property of other, for reasons of public utility or social interest, without it is indispensable reciprocity, or vicinity.


For example, there is an administrative easement when the Public Administration in other people’s property requires establishing pipes, posts or electric cables; or establishment the sign that identify the name of the streets. However, do not constitute servitudes, some figures historically conceived as such, for example: In summary, in order to qualify an easement as an administrative one, real use of the private property of other persons for reasons of public utility or social interest is required.

Sistema de Derecho Civil. Derecho de cosas y Derecho Inmobiliario Registral. H El derecho real. Tratado de Derecho administrativoVol. Biotechnology and specifically, the plan genome manipulation is a matter that needs to be reconsidered by dewcargar juridical traditional frame, in order to adequate the norm to the new scientific advances.

Intellectual Property recognizes patent rights on products which include biological material, as well as new vegetable varieties obtained, it could mean a limitation for the access to such class of product or plant variety. Currently, the three-dimensional quantitative structure-activity relationship 3D QSAR models have many applications; however due to desccargar complexity to understand its results is necessary postulate new methodologies.

In this sense, this work postulates a generalized version joining the quantum similarity field and chemical reactivity descriptors within the framework of density functional theory. This generalized methodology can be applied to understand the biological activity on a trajani set taking a reference compound.

In this form, is possible study steric and electrostatic effect on local substitutions. Considering that these methodologies can be used when the receptor is known or even when it is not known. It is proposed to design and validate statistically a measurement instrument in the form as a survey applicable to small agricultural producers.

The results obtained will be used to design the logistics and management indicators that will serve as a strategic resource to empower the municipality and achieve a substantive contribution in the agricultural commodities information systems, thus contributing to local economic development.

It is proposed to apply the Checkland systemic methodology, data statistical analysis and software development methodologies. The current study presents for the first time several different Machine Learning models to predict the mRNA expression using the mRNA secondary structure fragments. This unique martimez is based on a dataset of experimental mRNA expression data.

Each mRNA molecule has a specific secondary structure represented as a string that can be used to read all the possible mRNA secondary structure fragments. The model features were transformed marinez frequencies and the expression levels were converted into low and high classes. In order to reduce the high number of possible features, a feature selection method has been applied. Thus, the best classification model was obtained with BayesNet method and is based on 24 features and cases. The model has the true positive rate for the low mRNA expression class of 0.

Further studies are needed improve the current results, using datasets with different feature sets and more advanced Machine Learning methods.

Dean of Faculty of Science and Technology. However, the platform is open from Feb to Dec of the year in course for practical reasons; e. As we mentioned before, despite the official dates the online sections open at the beginning of the year in course Feb and are open all the year blazqyez submissions of communications in order to enable the accommodation of all workshops in different dates along the year.

The associated workshops open in different dates along the year see specific workshop pages. The publication of communications is continuous all the year upon acceptance.

After publication of papers is closed we open the online platform from Dec to Dec of the year in course for present edition for online participation. The participants are entitled to receive participation certificates for MOL2NET conference and all the workshops tramano participate upon request to the respective chairpersons. This in person workshops have specific schedules in parallel to their online versions.