Ellab performs qualification and/or validation of depyrogenation ovens & Tunnels throughout North America for our clients. Qualification and/or validation. Depyrogenation Validation. Depyrogenation Tunnel K1. Study made using TrackSense loggers and sensors from Ellab A/S Denmark. Validation Protocol for Sterilization and Depyrogenating Tunnel used in sterile the sterilization and depyrogenation tunnel to sterilize & depyrogenate different.

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Temperature uniformity and delivery of heat will be documented. Download the data from the data logger in the computer for the data analysis and printing enclosed the printout obtained from the data logger.

Air Borne Particulate Counter, duly calibrated with traceability certificate. Purified Water System IQ.

Infrared tunnels, which heat components, not the air, cannot be mapped in the absence of bottles. Thanks and best regards. To demonstrate that the system is capable of delivering air velocities, as per the Requirement, to maintain continuous laminarity of HEPA Filter installed in tunnel. Sterility is the depyrogenaton important and absolutely essential characteristic of a parenteral product.

To determine cold spots. We are having the Sterilisation tunnels for both amp. I have just entered another pharmaceutical company but the have not been using this equipment. Comments shall be published after review. Again thank you very much. Join Log In 8.


Note this is for the sterilization of the cooling zone only.

My concept if I understand well, is exactly as yours. Therefore, I will have to proceed with the existing means. Non Viable particle counter.


I will be using C for two hours for the depyrogenation process. Kaye makes a wireless temperature device and a tunnnel shield for tunnel applications. Count 2 C 2. The review highlight the theoretical concept of depyrogenation and the various tests performed for the qualification of Depyrogenation Tunnels.

Pharmaceutical Validations: Sterilizer cum Depyrogenating Tunnel Validation Protocol

Air does not move from dirty to clean. Validarion for the free email updates for your daily dose of pharmaceutical tips. Dear Gigastrom, If you still have any problem regarding tunnel qualification and validation of sterilization cycle then you can ask freely. Record the position of the probes in a representative schematic form.

Is there a refernce for these valuse in any standards? Name of the Testing Chemical: What I plan to do is to use 8 thermosensors placed on the same line and have them pass through the tunnel under the requested period of time and the set temperature.

Record dfpyrogenation temperature at various locations. Count 1 C 1. Should show at least 3 log reduction after exposing. Negative controls pyrogen free water must not exhibit a level of endotoxin above the minimum sensitivity of the reagent used.


U.S. Valdiation Services – Depyrogenation Tunnel

To qualify such devices, various pharmacopoeias require depyrogenation devices to be periodically challenged with high levels of bacterial endotoxin. Dear friends, I would like your help on how the validation of a depyrogenation tunnel shall be performed. Suspend validaton 12 probes inside the vial and put into tunnel for Heat Penetration Study. During execution of this protocol, if any deviation is noticed, the person executing the avlidation initiates a deviation report and provides the detail description of the deviation.

Name of Testing Instrument: A deviation indicates variance from the acceptance criteria however, does not necessarily mean that the qualification as unacceptable. Yes, I think you have it. Record the set parameters of the sterilization cycle to be operated during the test.

Home Microbiology Protocol Sterilization. All critical thermocouples i. For over kill approach you validtion icrease the sterilization time in hot zone.

What I would like to ask has to do with the process of validation.

Once you have the belt speed, temperatures and worst case location, you can start performance testing.