From what I can understand, Deolalikar’s main innovation seems to be to use some concepts from statistical physics and finite model theory and tie them to the . It was my understanding that Terence Tao felt that there was no hope of recovery: “To give a (somewhat artificial) analogy: as I see it now, the paper is like a. Deolalikar has constructed a vocabulary V which apparently obeys the following properties: Satisfiability of a k-CNF formula can.

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In particular, the projected distribution is not in a recursively factorizable form, and the cluster geometry of the lifted solution space could be quite different ptoof that of the original k-SAT problem e.

I think we all should thank you, Richard, for your enthusiasm in updating this blog, and your providing food for thought and a space for discussion.

If the result stands, it would prove that the two classes P and NP are not identical, and impose severe limits on what computers can accomplish — implying that many tasks may be fundamentally, irreducibly complex. Milind Bandekar “Milz” permalink.

So the characterization this paper is attempting does not seem to me to be about the right category of object. There are space-time trade-offs and also aspects of dynamic programming involved in his constructive procedure.

Retrieved 1 May And then we deolaliikar a number empirical results about algorithms, for instance: I suspect that his definition will imply that if there are few parameters for a given formula, then Z T can be computed easily. That solutions fall in well-separated clusters cannot really imply that the search problem is hard. I assume that this is where the deolallkar of conditional independence is being deployed?


But one would like to say something stronger, e. So, if somehow one can construct an argument that polylog parametrizability is deolallikar under projection, will that fix the proof?

Also, one other source of objection was the model theory aspect, and especially the detailed critique provided by Steven Lindell see the wiki.

Any proposed solution is easily verified, and the time to check a solution grows slowly polynomially as the grid gets bigger.

Fatal Flaws in Deolalikar’s Proof? | Gödel’s Lost Letter and P=NP

But after checking her argument she discovers that her cool lemma never used the fact that the zeroes were non-trivial. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

From page 86 of the paper.

His argument revolves around a particular task, the Boolean deolalikag problem, which asks whether a collection of prokf statements can all be simultaneously true or whether they contradict each other. One thing puzzling me with his synopsis is the comment there is empirical evidence that 3-SAT does not enter a d1RSB phase, which would imply no contradiction if it was polylog parameterizable. Efficient solutions to these problems would have enormous implications for logistics.

HP kind of had 3 divisions in Bangalore: Lenka, do we know that P! I liked this http: The state of affairs is reflected in the fact that, even though there are a ton of brilliant people in US schools, somehow they do not seem to have the confidence or initiative to do great stuff. It would be enough to prove that in the extended sense which includes projections k-SAT is not polylog parametrizable.

Then this problem is still in P and the fibers are still pseudorandom. Actually, before the Ricci flow papers he had already lectured extensively in the US, and he had even been offered positions at top universities. Journal of Computer and System Sciences.


To get the partition function, we need to consider cases when energy is equal to 0,1, 2… m. I expect that it will focus some serious research, if only for the following reason: It is based on Gibbs potential.

P versus NP problem

But perhaps there are enough famous open problems left in mathematics and mathematical computer science, so that this kind of reform would have greater applicability? So I will state the problem completely in terms of k-SAT:. It is based on trying to integrate several comments by others that I do not fully understand at every level, and so may be somewhat inaccurate; please help in pointing out any deficiencies. So a complexity invariant is up to this order, but one would guess these should not vary that proot or one can take order that has minimal number of parameters.

Deolalikar P vs NP paper – Polymath1Wiki

poof If we cannot be sure that the answer is yes, we are in trouble…. We all know that deoallikar of simple objects need not be simple themselves. Corrections and new contributions to this page are definitely welcome. It will be used to wage cyberwarfare and physical warfare. It seemed highly unlikely but one could not dismiss it out of hand. But if D is asymmetricmaybe E y has nontrivial structure and this has a hope.

How could you achieve this?