Shows how close and equal Dillard and the three metropolitan men are; different from the way that a woman usually interacts with a group of. The Deer at Providencia. Annie Dillard’s style is unlike any other serious writing I have ever read. Dillard is able to be intellectual and formal. The speaker’s response to the deer’s situation is what I found most essential of it all. In the first place, she didn’t do much anything but stare at.

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I’m getting images from those “Saw” movie in my head. AannieatbombChristcritical analysisdeerdillardEnglishfinalGeneralmotifsprovidencia diplard, systemthemethemes. I wonder how you, or Elissa, feel this ancedote adds to the essay stylistically.

Annie Dillard (Elissa & Juan): The Deer at Providencia

Furthermore, action is take in order to dillsrd to make his pain stop since he is in a hospital and people try to help him recover, unlike the deer. She has certain peculiarities such as writing ” Imagine profidencia your deer suddenly become ensnared by an unknown entity that planned to kill, skin, and eat it.

When reading I feel that the essay was written especially for me because It sounds more like and enlightened conversation than an essay. Posted by Vibhav Bobde at Another aspect that I found important in this essay were the contrasting examples that were given.

That time she thinks about her past and she told them about the extreme situation,which is the story of Alan Mcdonald,Alan Mcdonald was the man who was burnt by a flaming gasoline thirteen years ago and that he was burnt once again. Meanwhile, Alan McDonald pessimistically resigns: Newer Post Older Post Home.

However, she doesn’t feel the need to act like other women who make scandals over everything. You are commenting using your Facebook account. The author along with 3 of her friends from North America, are on vacation in the Amazon jungle, eating lunch with a tribe.


Dillar Essay Discussions: The Deer at Providencia

In the essay she never really says exactly what that sight is, if it is the view of the deer, or Dillard’s viewing of the deer which impresses the men. But all she and everyone else do is stand around and watch it thrash.

Furthermore she is not precisely explicit in her writing, she does not conceal her ideas but rather dresses them in an intriguing manner. Elissa Huang June 3, at 6: They — especially the wife — try desperately to turn their lives around now that their children are not there any more.

The deer’s death is a natural part of life she grasps. But merely notes it’s existence. The author, in one moment mentions that while they were watching the deer after their meal, the North American men were watching deer her.

They were trying to study and understand her attitude towards the deer, because she did not say any word, and did not show any special facial expression. If we are talking about style, than it also seems important to discuss the analogy to Alan McDonald and burn victims. For the boys of the village this spectacle seemed to be a kind of entertainment; for the local businessman, it was something without any importance; and for the visitors, the three North American men and the situation was strange, pathetic.

These subtle thoughts that remain within her mind show that the speaker does feel pity for the deer. Juan Gabriel D June 2, at However, he then changes when he says that after the gunpowder had exploded on his face he was ready to kill himself. The story goes on to show how the old couple struggles to cope with their loneliness and the large and empty house seems to add on to their struggles.


In describing the deer as “‘pretty’ delicate of bone The Deer at Providencia is a short story by Annie Dillard which deals primarily with our response to suffering. The role of the cactus as a simile is a very important literary tool used in the story.

Then, for the man I believe the same thing but only to a certain extent. Juan Gabriel D June 3, at 7: Thursday, June 3, The Deer at Providencia. However, she does make it clear that embracing the pain and understanding the reason for it are very different things. I would also want to know, Juan Gabriel what do you think is the main theme?

‘The Deer at Providencia’ by Annie Dillard. Summary (GROUP 6)

She describes the torment xillard agony that such victims must go through day after day and the high suicide rates of burn survivors. While they are eating, the narrator notices a wounded deer tied to a pole. She sounds like she is speaking to you at that moment, drawing you in to her writing and making her such a captivating thinker.

Posted by Annie Dillard Essays at dillad Newer Post Older Post Home. The wife tries to fill the void her children have left behind by tending to her cacti but to little avail. They are certain that if any of their wives were in her stead, they would have cried or at least attempted to help the deer.

Dharma June 9, at 7: