DD FORM 1172-2 PDF

DD FORM for Dependents or PCS Orders. DD for Dependents: A DD must be signed by the sponsor prior to issuance of a dependent ID. Create dd form 2 in minutes using a fillable PDF editor. Generating Form DD To generate Form DD for a dependent: On the “Home” page, click Generate Verify the configuration of your system.

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The information required in this section include the sponsoring office name, contract number, sponsoring office address, sponsoring office dr number, office email address and overseas assignment. Note that you are at liberty to cite legal documentation as applicable.

Separation orders, reflecting the appropriate separation program designator code for TA eligibility may be used in lieu of the DD Form Former Spouse Marriage certificate from subsequent marriage Note 2.

Status Eligibility documentation Illegitimate child of record whose paternity has been judicially determined Birth certificate Note 1 and Court document Note 2 flrm Consent order of paternity Note 3. Section V of the DD is where the dependent information is captured. These include the last name, first name and middle initials. The deceased sponsor’s responsible uniformed service project office must submit all eligibility determination requests to DoDHRA, including documentation that: The download should begin automatically.

Sponsors should contact their SJA for information on how to obtain an apostille from a member nation; or. Civilian personnel stationed outside the United Statesand accompanying dependents, must have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 23 to this subpart. The incapacitated dependent child must have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 9 to this subpart.


Documentation establishing the uniformed service member being ordered to active duty for greater than 30 days. A sponsor ‘s spouse must have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 1 to this subpart.


Here, the receipt of the new card is acknowledged with an accompanying signature 1172–2 date of issue. Comments must be received by March 7, Status Documentation Sponsor or Dependent U.

This paragraph g describes eligibility documentation required for civilian personnel, and their dependents, when they are eligible for benefits in accordance with subpart C of this part. A male sponsor ‘s illegitimate child of record must have eligibility verified by documentation shown in 1712-2 5 to this subpart.

An affidavit of paternity, recognized by a court of competent jurisdiction in the United States or U. Military orders may be used at the service project officer level when DEERS verification is not available. An honorably discharged veteran who has fd rated as percent disabled or incapable of pursuing substantially gainful employment by the Department of Veterans Affairs VA should have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 21 to this subpart.

Verifies the sponsor’s intent to start a family, usually provided by ed lab or clinic that assisted the couple with the in vitro process.

Generating Form DD-1172-2

For ID card issuance, the unremarried former spouse must certify on the DD Form that the former spouse has not remarried. An abused dependent of a non-retirement-eligible Service dr must have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 13 to this subpart.


How can we help? Military Time Conversion Df Template: This rule amends an interim rule published on January 6, which provided procedures for DoD ID cards.

Enter the sponsor or employee name in block 1.

A retired member should have eligibility updated in DEERS by an authoritative feed; however, a retired member may also have eligibility verified by documentation shown in Table 18 to this subpart.

A certificate of live birth or an FS may be used in lieu of a birth certificate.

Forms & Claims – Eligibility | TRICARE

It is a form used in registration in the DEERS in order to access the systems of government facilities as well as enjoy the results of a uniformed service. A financial dependency determination from the responsible service’s Defense Finance and Accounting Fogm DFASor the service equivalent pay office, acknowledging that the sponsor is providing more than 50 percent of the dependent’s support, or was at the time of the sponsor’s death.

Translation must be provided by a translator other than the individual presenting the document. Eligible dependents, as identified in subpart C of this part, must formm their relationship to the sponsor as specified in Tables 2 through 7 in this subpart, if the relationship has not previously been established.