Buy CXZ/H20 with extended same day shipping times. View datasheets , stock and pricing, or find other Modem Modules. CXZ Specifications: Device Type: Modem ; Supply Voltage: V ; Data Rate: 2 kbps Details, datasheet, quote on part number: CXZ. Case/Package, LCC. Data Rate, Kbps. Mount, Surface Mount. Operating Supply Voltage, V. Compliance. RoHS: Compliant. Datasheets. Conexant.

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Advanced features such as extension pick-up detection, remote hang-up detection, line-in-use detection, and digital PBX line protection are supported. This feature can be used to quickly drop a modem connection in the event when a user picks up an extension phone line. For technical questions, contact your local Conexant sales office or field applications engineer.

The data connection resumes upon incoming call termination. Small, low-profile packages, reduced voltage operation, and low power consumption make this device set an ideal solution for embedded applications. Parameters are constantly adjusted to maintain stability with automatic fallback from full-duplex to pseudo-duplex operation.

A maximum of 48 kbps upstream rate is supported with PCM upstream enabled, in contrast to a maximum of Temperature Frequency Stability vs. Voice-call-first VCF before switching to a videophone call is also supported. In fax modem mode, the modem can operate in 2-wire, half-duplex, synchronous modes and can support Group 3 facsimile send and receive speeds of,and bps. Position these capacitors very close to the VREF pin.

Both power dissipation and device noise immunity degrades. Default parameters support U. Applies to types I and O unless otherwise indicated. The server must support Modem-on-Hold functionality. Hands-free full-duplex telephone operation is supported in Speakerphone Mode under host control.


The CXx has a serial interface and codec interface for connection to the optional CX Codec for speakerphone applications. A value of 0 disables the inactivity timer. The -TTE command can be used to adjust the voltage thresholds for the telephony extension features. It’s a community-based project which helps to repair anything. A serial EEPROM is required only if additional storage is required for more country profiles or customized firmware code.

The improved performance amount varies both with the actual format and with the content of individual pages and files. In normal or error-correction mode, this inactivity timer is reset when data is received from either the DTE or from the line. CXx Modem hardware interface signals are defined in Table All dimensions in mm.

Connect to digital ground GND. Single-ended analog data input from the microphone circuit. Received analog voice samples are converted to digital form and compressed for reading by the host.

CXA Conexant Systems | WIN SOURCE

The modem supports speed buffering at all line speeds. An unterminated input can acquire unpredictable voltages through coupling with stray capacitance and internal cross talk.

Receiver operational amplifier inverting input. Active low input asserted to power down the CX Codec. C must be placed close to pins 2.


Refer to applicable reference design for exact component placement and values. TAM Mode is supported by four submodes: Country-dependent modem parameters for functions such as dialing, carrier transmit level, c2x0548 tone, call progress tone detection, answer tone detection, blacklisting, caller ID, and relay control are programmable. Use a short path and a wide trace to AGND pin. Provides external connection point for decoupling.


PCM upstream is disabled by default. Table provides a dimension table that is common to both QFN styles. Ia Electronic Inductor Feedback.

USB V.92/V.34/V.32bis Controllered Modem With CX20548 SmartDAA®

Datssheet Mode includes four submodes: If carrier is lost for a time greater than specified by the S10 register, the modem disconnects. Frequency and cadence of tones for busy, ringback, congested, warble, dial tone 1, and dial tone 2. The DIB data channel supports bidirectional half-duplex serial transfer of data, control, and status information between the CXx and the LSD over two lines.

R and C must be placed very close to pin dafasheet. Calling tone is generated in accordance with V. A maximum of 48 kbps upstream rate is supported when connected to a V.

Calculated voltage is datasheeg to this output to control off-hook and DC VI mask operation. Full-duplex Receive and Transmit Mode. Actions resulting from such failures can include specification of minimum inter-call delay, extended delay between calls, and maximum numbers of retries before the number is permanently forbidden “blacklisted”.