The clarinettist Bernhard Henrik Crusell (–) was more than a virtuoso writing works as a vehicle for his own performances. His compositions are today . Bernhard Henrik Crusell (15 October – 28 July ) was a Swedish- Finnish clarinetist, . Clarinet Concerto in E-flat major, Op. 1. Movements: Allegro . Bernhard Henrik Crusell, Gerard Korsten, Uppsala University Chamber Orchestra , Per Billman – Crusell: Clarinet Concertos – Music.

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NystadFinlandinto a poor family of bookbinders. Crusell now began to compose in earnest. Bernhard Henrik Crusell 15 October — 28 July was a Swedish – Finnish clarinetistcomposer and translator[1] “the most significant and internationally best-known Finnish-born classical composer and indeed, — the outstanding Finnish composer before Sibelius “.

Sveaborg was a Swedish fortress built on six islands just off the coast of Helsinki. This friendship encouraged and enabled him to undertake a trip to Paris in After the turn of the century Crusell followed their leads but limited his upper range, as did Mozart, to G in alt.

In he married Margaretha Messman. Originally issued on CDA This influence is most apparent in the opening ritornello which is concentrated and dramatic and contains a strikingly Beethovenian modulation to D flat major.

Clarinet Concerto No.3, Op.11 (Crusell, Bernhard Henrik)

One night, the four-year-old Berndt was sitting in the street, leaning against a wall, on top of the world with admiration for xlarinet sweet melodies. A year later Crusell returned to Stockholm via Hamburg where he gave an outstandingly successful concert. Crusell provides a written-out cadenza for this movement, whereas in Op 1 he gives neither cadenza nor cadence point.

In his little town of birth there was only one person who had an active interest in music: The review of the Hamburg concert in the Allgemeine musikalische Zeitung was positive. Wallenstjerna at Sveaborg Finnish: In his final years in a letter to Runeberg he called himself a “finsk landsman” a Finn. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Scored for clarinet and strings alone, it opens with a long melody for the clarinet accompanied by held chords and gentle pizzicato triplets on the cellos.


For the translation of the quote, see Talk. In Wallenstjerna transferred to Stockholm and Crusell went with him. Please use the dropdown buttons to set your preferred options, or use the checkbox to accept the defaults.

Crusell lived in Sweden for the rest of his life, going back to Finland only once. The centre of musical activities was Turku, where the Turku Society of Music Turun Soitannollinen Seurafounded inhad done invaluable clarinnet in promoting music and had set up an orchestra of its own.

The festival is dedicated to music for woodwind instruments.

Seine Phrasierung ist tadellos und die Vielfalt, die er in einer erweiterten Sechzehntelpassage erreicht, ist wirklich bewundernswert. Petersburgon his return trip to Sweden, he performed in Helsinki on 7 Julywith the pianist Fredrik Lithander as his accompanist, and in Turku on 30 July, in a concert organized by the orchestra of the Turku Society of Music. When the four-year-old Bernt started showing interest in the clarinet his parents tried to beat it out of him; however, he somehow managed to get hold of a primitive two-keyed instrument on which he developed quite a respectable technique.

He made himself fluent in several languages and also, not surprisingly in view of his heritage, had a strong interest in literature.

He died in Stockholm. In Stockholm Crusell had become acquainted with the French ambassador to Sweden.

Bernhard Crusell – Wikipedia

Over the next ten years he cruswll a number of highly inventive works for the clarinet including the three concertos recorded here, three quartets for clarinet and strings recorded on Helios CDHthree duets for two clarinets, and a set of variations on a Swedish drinking song for clarinet and orchestra Hyperion CDD From to he was first clarinet in the Swedish court orchestra and earned a reputation as one of the finest soloists of his time.

All of these were published by Peters of Leipzig and Crusell thus became the first Finnish composer to see his work in print. Der lebhafte, reizvolle erste Satz von Op.

Helsinki was made capital of the new autonomous Grand Duchy of Finland in The couple had four children, but Bernhard was the only one who lived to become an adult. His parents, who had been looking for their son for a long time, scolded him severely, but this could not stop the concero from returning to his favourite spot the next evening.


Accessed 31 October If a CD is scheduled for re-issue within the next months, the message ‘To be reissued on …’ will replace the ‘Buy Archive CD’ button. The Crusell family had been in the bookbinding trade for several generations and none of them appears to have had any great love for music. However, with the arrival of the clarinet the drama becomes predominantly lyrical, despite wide leaps and virtuoso passage-work.

Dies war auch der Fall bei den Konzerten Opp. This page was last edited on 22 Decemberat The Archive service is for CDs which have been deleted and where the musical content is not otherwise available.

Bernhard Crusell

Crusell was a skillful linguisttranslating the important Italian, French, and German operas for performances in Sweden. Accessed 8 March The heyday of the wind virtuoso, during which he lived, came at a time when great changes were taking place in the style and taste of musical composition. Although Crusell spent most of the rest of his life in Sweden, he always considered himself a Finn.

Still dissatisfied with his technique he left for Berlin to spend seven months in studying with Franz Tausch, who greatly improved his tone. The final movement conderto in sonata-rondo form and in true polacca style.

Jetzt begann Crusell ernsthaft mit dem Komponieren. There follows a rondo containing three episodes. The National Library of Sweden holds two manuscript autobiographies. Von bis war er der erste Klarinettist im schwedischen Hoforchester und machte sich einen Namen als einer der besten Solisten seiner Zeit. Then in the s Franz Tausch, the great teacher and performer, set unbelievably high standards in technical difficulty and range, especially as far as the altissimo register was concerned.

Retrieved from ” https: During his career Crusell became increasingly well known as a clarinet soloist, not only in Sweden but also in Germany, and even in England.