(); //Create an instance for named destination. PdfNamedDestination destination = new PdfNamedDestination(“TOC”); ation = new. A named destination in a PDF is similar to a bookmark in other document formats. So how do we create a PDF with named destinations without the additional. In my point of view, it’s sufficient to set a \hypertarget{destname}{} and use the destname as argument to the evince –named-dest option. This works at least in.

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You could use the a feature such as External Resources to add the PDF to that project, or you could just copy and paste it in Windows.

Following said instructions to-the-letter doesn’t work. In the Links section, select Hyperlink. It will appear in the Named Destinations pane as detailed below:. In this creaye, you need the bookmark package however — Regarding evince and acroread Click the plus icon in the Named Destiantions pane nameddedt press Insert when the pane is selected to create a new named destination. Sort destinations by page or alphabetically. Please turn JavaScript back on and reload this page.

Edit Answer for another minute. I want to duplicate this precision in Acrobat10 Pro so I don’t have to use any other software. Let’s also say this page contains 4 sections labeled with headings. Linking to a destination within PDF in a webpage Linking to a destination is essentially the same principle but involves nmeddest few more steps and setting up.

Choose your Destination

Click the New button, or choose New Destination from the Options menu; in the resulting text field, type a name for the destination. This content has been marked as final.


I though I needed a bookmark or something like that. I highlight my starting text, right ckick, and create a link just fine. Courtney 12, 30, Thanks for the great tutorial! Select the Insert ribbon.

Working with Named Destination

After you select this option, enter the path to the PDF file in the field next to nameddeest External File button. You need to evaluate if this is helpful. In that sense bookmarks work exactly like link objects. The first step is the same as the normal linking process, just copying the link. Be sure to close the target documents in Acrobat before you test your links or bookmarks. Take Acrobat to the next level. Usually, it scrolls to the top of the page the bookmark destination is on, and rarely it will scroll to the line.

The following code snippet illustrates the same. There is no way to escape these special characters.

Thanks for the detailed step-by-step! The document containing the destinations is referred to in this article as the target document; the document containing the links or bookmarks is referred to as the source document. I read the PDF Reference again. Double-click the link with the Link nameddesst to open the Link Properties dialog box.

If I create bookmarks in my former software Nuance PDF Creator Pro the behavior is correct when I click a bookmark wherein the exact line position on the page scrolls to the top of the reader. You can create named destinations for use in Adobe PDF outputs. Do you know if the target can be nameddezt for the pdfstartview option in hyperref?

In your source document, create a link or bookmark and follow the same process as described earlier to attach the destination. Add “TOC” ‘Assign the named destination to the bookmark bookmark. In the Insert Hyperlink dialog, you can create links to named destinations when using the “File in Project” option if the PDF has been added to your project or “External File” option if the PDF file exists outside of your project.


The Destinations feature is disabled in a file enabled with extended features for use in Adobe Reader. Usually, it scrolls to the top of the page the bookmark destination is on, but occasionally will scroll to the line.

It will then be available in the Destination Name pane. The two things are not related to one another.

Linking to named destinations within PDFs | Triaster Ltd

Again, my thanks plus appreciation for your effort! Post as a guest Name. You can generate a report to see all of the creahe destinations in nqmeddest project and the files that contain them. By adding a named destination, you can open the PDF with the desired location and magnification. This tool uses JavaScript and much of it will not work correctly without it enabled. Setting bookmarks in RoboHelp10 works as expected since the exact position on a page is ‘tagged’ as a bookmark.

A bookmark can point to a named dest, but it can do a bunch of other things as well. Thank you for your feedback and comments.