Récidive après une MVTE survenue sous contraception oestroprogestative: quel risque? quels facteurs de risque? Article in La Revue de Médecine Interne [Combined contraceptives] La contraception oestroprogestative. same fashion that inhibition of ovulation is achieved by combined oral contraceptives (OCs). [Counseling and combined estrogen-progestin oral contraception: how to correct the myths?] Counseling et contraception orale oestro-progestative combinée.

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[Oral oestro-progestative contraception and cervical and vaginal cytology (author’s transl)].

Access to the text HTML. In Luxembourg, the cost of the sterilisation procedure is not refunded by CNS.

It is an intramuscular injection meaning that it is injected into the muscles that is given every 3 months. This option can be considered when you decide, after thorough reflection, that you do not want fall pregnant in the future, and in agreement with your gynaecologist.

Contact Help Who are we? On the other hand, there is no risk of sterility, nor an increased risk of spontaneous miscarriage or extrauterine pregnancy. Delivery of Health Care. It comes in the form of a single pill. This is a combined contraceptive method containing both oestrogen and progesterone that is applied weekly.

Access to the full text of this article requires a subscription. Definition, Causes, Symptoms and Treatments. For example, a Pearl Index of 2 indicates that in one year, 2 women out of using the contraceptive method in question fell pregnant. The cytological study of 1, smears belonging to women taking an oral contraception treatment, compared to 1, normal smears, shows that oestroprogestative drugs may be responsible for a certain number of more or less serious morphological disturbances in cervical and vaginal epithelial cells.


However, a small proportion of patients report periods of irregular bleeding, pelvic pain, ovarian cysts or systemic hormonal effects such as headaches, acne, weight gain or mood swings.

Or a pill containing ulipristal acetate, which can be taken up to hours 5 days clntraception sexual intercourse without or with unsatisfactory protection.

Sterilisation is a surgical procedure most often carried out by laparoscopy by inserting a small viewing tube [laparoscope] through the abdominal wall to view the organs and permit small-scale surgery. Skip to main content.

This match-sized flexible progesterone-only tube is placed in the arm under local anaesthetic, during a normal gynaecological visit. Regarding the progestogen-only pills, we talk about micro- or macroprogestatives depending on the dosage. The morning-after pill is solely an emergency solution.

Access to doctors cards. Postnatal straight after giving birth: Macroprogestatives have their place here. Concerning breast cancer, studies differ to an extent, but it seems that there is a slightly increased risk linked to the combined pill. Mottier bG. The contraceptive pill is the most frequently prescribed means of contraception and is very effective if it is taken strictly on a daily basis.

You will notice that certain pills come in strips of 21, and others of 28 days – this depends on the type of contraceptive. Their hormonal environment may be monophasic, biphasic, or triphasic. There are two types of contraceptive pill: You may thus contraeption that your data, should it be inaccurate, incomplete, unclear, outdated, not be used or stored, be corrected, clarified, updated or deleted.

[Combined contraceptives] La contraception oestroprogestative.

Read our full Security, Privacy, and Copyright Policies. Combined OCs can be classified according to whether the estrogen or progestin is dominant. Previous Article Diagnostic de la maladie veineuse thromboembolique idiopathique: The contents of this website are the sole responsibility of K4Health.


Personal information regarding our website’s visitors, including their fontraception, is confidential. This is a flexible plastic ring that has to be inserted at the bottom oestroprogesfative the vagina, and that diffuses oestrogen and progesterone hormones through the vaginal wall.

After a 3-month trial the prescription can be changed if undesirable secondary effects are observed. For a long time, oral hormonal contraception has been the chosen method. It is less effective than a oestroproestative method, but the sooner it is taken after intercourse, the more effective it is.

[Oral oestro-progestative contraception and cervical and vaginal cytology (author’s transl)].

This is an invisible and discreet method. It is recommended to take painkillers one hour before the insertion of the IUD to reduce pain. This is a long-acting reversible contraceptive LARC based on progesterone. We have to distinguish theoretical effectiveness which presupposes correct usage of the contraceptive method from practical effectiveness which oestroptogestative reflects, for example, instances of forgotten pills or the incorrect use of a condom.

They are the most widely used. Hormonal IUDs are available for those not few at all who have menorrhagia or who do not want to think too much about contraception anymore. If the patient complains of scanty menstrual flow, loss of libido, fatigue, depressive syndrome, contracepton, seborrhea, or loss of hair, a more estrogenic pill with weak androgenic activity, such as Physiostat conraception Relovis can be substituted.

However, it requires more frequent consultations. The information provided on this website is not official U.