Responsible for negotiating the contracts that their kroot brethren fulfill, Kroot Shapers help coordinate strategies with their employers as well. During this relative dry spell for 8th edition 40k, we asked ourselves how would you like to see a Kroot and Vespid Codex come out?. The Kroot are a fictional species in the Warhammer 40, game universe. Warhammer 40, Warhammer 40, Codex: Tau. Nottingham: Games.

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Two arms, bipedal gait, the whole shebang. Evil it’s good enough for me. Taping up the quills is key as if they get hit by any flame heat they will lose their detail by melting into the plastic. Agree with both of you. I also painted up the first counts-as Dark Reaper. Definatly keeping covex eye on this now Young Logan. This is what it looks like assembled, I have not done this yet with mine.

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Oaka’s 8th Edition Kroot Codex by John Henry Owen – PDF Archive

Granted 40k is not so easily sectioned off like this but still should give you an idea coeex it could work. The Kroot are a subset of the Tau playable army, although special rules have been released to field armies entirely composed of Kroot, or as allies to other forces.


It has really forced me to shift my tactics around a lot. Though 8th edition krokt otherwise Tlo I’ve been wanting to do this for years! What colour is tau blood? There are some really interesting and original models here. Fodex always wanted to do a Kroot army only I’ve never been overly enthusiastic about using tau with them – would it be cool with you if i steal the idea? In Februaryrules were released through the Chapter Approved section of White Dwarf magazine for the use of Kroot as mercenaries.

JustALittleOrkish – click to view full reply. Sarigar – click to view full reply. Just a bit puzzled by the codex choice, using the Tau codex and using counts as for the tau parts would of been a much lesser jump.

I have nothing against Kroot, I just think fleshing out the auxilaries as a whole will cpdex more interesting than just more kroot.

Kroot – Wikipedia

Oaka Thanks for the interest, I feel like there isn’t much of it. Have harlequin had a codex? Your most recent codes are very well done and I especially love the fist weapon on your Harlequin Heroes.

I will be painting the fabrics a dark purple to tie in with the rest of my army. SelvaggioSaky Great blog so far, very interesting and full of character!

The Elder Shapers believe, however, that they are reincarnating fallen warriors to once again take to the battlefield. SickSix – click to view full reply. The mount itself mainly uses the terradon rider bits but I did do a head swap with an extra spined hound head.


The Kroot were designed to have the physique of a Maasai warrior or a professional level basketball player. Oaka I have finished painting my Heroe’s Path Harlequin formation.

The model size is ccodex equivalent to that of the GW Kroot models, a head swap looks great and so does the bow. Was thinking of turning it into a Kroot Titan, and would probably use the rules for one of the Tyranid Gargantuan Creatures in an Apocalypse game. The next couple of weeks should see some new models finished.

In fact, I’m attempting to make this model look just like an evolutionary parallel to the Kroot Hound. Icarium Great looking army and a good idea. This is such a nice model, and was a joy to paint up.

High hit rates, so they’re kfoot as mercenaries 3. If you want to discuss sub rules or mod decisions, please use the moderator mail system, rather than trying to start a discussion in thread. SelvaggioSaky – click to view full reply. Models from left to right: