Specifications. Dimensions. Length: 45 ft. 3 in. Width: in. Height: 10 ft. 2 in. Wheelbase: 23 ft. 4 in. Turning Radius (curb): 40 ft. Since then the flagship, the COBUS , has been completed by the models COBUS , s, and Therefore, the COBUS family now. Main page → Catalogue → CONTRAC COBUS INDUSTRIES, COBUS * Specifications could be changed in accordance with customer’s request.

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COBUS — the airport bus manufacturer. Today it is still reliably plying its trade.

Contrac Cobus Industries COBUS 3000

Today it is to be found at almost every modern airport. Therefore, the COBUS family now offers the tailor-made solution for every specific transport requirement. As we are always further developing the COBUSwe are now able to launch the models of the fourth generation!

However, at the same time we guarantee an efficient maintenance of vehicle fleets containing different generations. Do specfications think it is stylish? You already have one!

Compass eGSE LLC – New & Used Ground Support Equipment

But what is actually behind the attractive exterior? We are the only company in the world that is dedicated exclusively to the construction of airport buses. And we have been for over three decades. We lift them up already when they enter the bus. What should ccobus in the way of a classic form? Thanks to harmonious design and gentle face-lifting in the care of the models, even older generation buses never look outdated.


A corrosion-free bolded aluminium body assembled from the patented CO- Specificatjons system is connected with the extremly rugged chassis.

Cobus Industries

Then get yourself an E. This is why all airlines aim to reduce the time their fleets spend on the ground to a minimum. Every airport is, therefore, faced with the challenge: How specifciations the passenger move as fast as possible speciffications the check-in to the aircraft and, after landing, from the apron to baggage collection? The COBUS ensures the fastest, most economic and safest route for passengers to and from remote positions.

This shortens time on the ground for the aircraft, increases capacity and flexibility of the terminal — and thus, at the cobue of the day, passenger comfort. This is why we offer you interesting hire conditions for the seasonal as well as limited period of use so as to optimally supplement your bus fleet.

That is double the amount that fits into a normal solo city bus. The COBUS s offers all of the advantages and success of the vehicle family even with smaller exterior dimensions. Compared with a normal city bus it still offers transport capacity of up to 77 passengers, and that with its smaller dimensions. Its advantages are due to a smaller turning circle and a suitable length for high manoeuvrability in the busy ramp area. That is almost double the amount that fits specificationns a normal solo city bus.


Besides the diesel buses which sppecifications successfully operating since almost three decades, the e.

Some strong technical data: The permanent magnet drive of the e. Recharging of batteries is done at stationary charging stations. In addition, the e.

COBUS is equipped with an on-board-charging system. The combination of a complete recharge for example time-fill and the possibility of rapid recharge during dead times enables a smooth and efficient full-time operation at the airport. The passenger compartment of ccobus e. COBUS is equipped with three extra-wide doors on both sides for easy and comfortable embarking and disembarking.

Of course, a wheel chair ramp is also available for passengers with reduced mobility. With its sufficient number of seats and standing area the e. COBUS is the ideal environmental friendly airport bus. Do you want to achieve satisfactory passenger services despite limited budgets? Factory overhauled COBUS of all four generations guarantee long term, economical and comfortable passenger transport service at the airfield. Vobus only earn money in the air!

The COBUS team would specificationns to thank everyone for visiting our stand and looks forward to the next inter airport in !

Today it is still ….