Welcome to the new version: Cobian Backup 11, Gravity; AES encryption (, to” error; A brand new, improved help file and tutorial; And MUCH more. You can run Cobian Backup as either an application or a Windows service. In this tutorial we will examine installing the program as a service. The following tutorial is provided as just one of many possible methods, using just one possible Cobian Backup is a versatile freeware backup program, and is.

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Thanks for the tutorial.

Once you have configured your archive settings, bqckup click on the Files section of the New Task dialog. How to Setup Login Verification in Twitter. The backup source and destination are selected under Files. But there is no mention of restoring based on a date…Does this software has restore feature? File and Document Backup via Shutterstock. During the setup, you can switch to one of over a dozen languages via a menu on the left-hand side at any time. What do I do to make the FTP feature to work?

All these comments are old, old, old. Post was not sent – check your email addresses! Having these backups on hand can save you a lot of trouble and stress when having power problems, infected machines, corrupt hard drives, or just when you need to reinstall the operating system.

If you rename a folder, then do an incremental backup, you won’t get any of the contents of that folder backed up, since the contents have already had their “archive” bit reset from a previous incremental. It may be blocking the program. Please help to establish notability by citing reliable secondary sources that are independent of the topic and provide significant coverage of it beyond a mere trivial mention.


Cobian Backup

Download this VPN to secure all your Windows devices and browse anonymously. If the service is set up to start under some account, and you entered the wrong password then you will find the description of the error in the EventViewer.

Yes, it works just fine in Windows 8 and There is no need to use Cobian to restore your files, but rather you use the built-in file manipulation methods that you normally would in Windows. The user that is executing the backup must have administration’s or backup privileges to use VSS. If you have all your documents in the one big My Documents directory, you may just want to mark them all and drag them to the Sources box.

My favorite unpacker cannot open zip files created by the program. What keeps most people from preparing regular backups Imagine what would happen if a virus deleted your files and when you go to Cobian Backup to restore the files you find out that Cobian Backup deleted the same files because it is mirroring the information!

When I delete the original file, I want the program to delete the backup copy. By the same reasoning, if you deleted a file, then did an incremental, then after you restore from the chain of incrementals, the deleted file will re-appear in your restored file tree! LOTS of bugs fixed A better user interface.

In which language was Cobian Backup created? While I can understand your issue with a backup program being used for both backups and restores, I think having restores as simple as Cobian’s is actual beneficial.


The installation takes you through a basic setup routine, such as TOS agreement and shortcuts creation, but it also includes more advanced steps.

Q- I backup a task and everything seems to be OK. I think where Cobian leaves a lot to be desired is with regards to restores.

Cobian Backup : Review, Tutorial, Free Download

Tutorisl the TCP communication used in older versions has been eliminated. For example trying to backup to a non-existing FTP directory will give you an error: Which command line arguments can I cobia with Cobian Backup?

June tutoriall, at 3: Until you become more familiar with the program we suggest you select the Incremental backup type setting. There are different methods of creating a backup of your data, but this tutorial will only focus on one possibility, using a freeware tool called Cobian Backup. I write the address ftp: A solution for this issue could be found in the future.

Retrieved from ” https: I prefer backup software that does not write in a prosperity file format. Backjp, I don’t know how Microsoft handles these issues. It should be preset to C: The bottom line is: This error is sometimes wrongly logged, when a file system error arises if using the 7zip method. The cause of this error could be that there is some problems with permissions or that there are some programs like Daemon Tools creating some virtual drives that can confuse the VSS system.