Get 30 Days of Unlimited Online Attempts of CMFAS Module 5 Tutorial and Mock Exam Papers. Instant Access. % Based On Past Year Exam Papers. View Test Prep – M5 Mock from LAW at Murdoch. CMFAS Module 5 Mock Exam CMFAS MODULE 5 4th Edition – July (Reprinted in. Chapter 5 – MAS Notices – Part II [Notice Nos:FAA-N02; FAA-N10; FAA-N12; modules under the Capital Markets & Financial Advisory Services (CMFAS) Upon passing the examination for this module, you are entitled to 2 CPD Hours.

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The format is the same.

Kat January 30, at Cmfax the updated one at sci website. To be honest, if u only do that, it is unlikely to pass. Basically if you revised the sample examples in the book, it should be sufficient. So must at least get close to all correct for the mock paper. I am taking my M5 soon, any tips?

CMFAS – ExamFight – Your Exam Preparation Portal

My final advise is to at least read thoroughly the whole textbook once. I passed my Health Insurance exam. Is your study method basically just understanding and memorizing along the way, doing notes, going modle the textbook again and again, or did you attempt any free mock papers available on the Internet?


If you understand some of the examples given in the textbook, these should not be a problem. Kat Modulf 28, at 7: Belle Monroe June 27, at 1: Follow-up on the above posting dated 24 Oct: Around 10 similar questions came up. Not calculation at all.

~Live what we love~: CMFAS Module 5, 9, HI

Please dont attempt any mock papers that are out of date. Module 5, 9, HI are recommended for starters. Can I have cmfas mock paper. Email me if any of you are interested.

Module 5 (M5) – Rules And Regulations For Financial Advisory Services

Hi, I will be taking M9A this Friday. Kat June 28, at There were one or two questions which require you to calculate the performance fees such as calculating based on fulcrum fee or high water mark arrangement.

Next up, i will be taking my Module 9 paper on 7 Nov. I did it with 2 weeks interval.

Do not just memorise the answer. There are questions in every chapter but some topics Chap are of relatively higher weightage. But I decided to just sign up for the exam and cmffas the textbook Ver 4, Printedpages which is provided by the Singapore College of Insurance. Thank you for your advices!


Many questions are quite logical which doesn’t require to read the textbook. I tried one and none of the question came up. Hi, came across your blog while searching for M5 tips. Yes, it was quite dry.

Hence, it is important to be very sure of the differences of such plans because some questions would ask you to recommend which plans to recommend. Make sure u do the e-Mock Paper provided by SCI, so that u know cmfaw style of questions that will be set.