Bayer Clinitek Status: Siemens urinalysis analyzer with 90 day parts warranty. Get new levels of precision and reliability with refurbished. The Bayer Clinitek StatusĀ® Urine Analyzer is an ideal solution for high-standard urinalysis testing. It is capable of providing accurate on-the-spot. Bayer Clinitek Advantus automated urine analyzer for point-of-care testing. Siemens clinitek advantus comes with added capabilities/features. Buy now.

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You can add Community Subscriptions in the search bar that says “Subscribe to more communities Hi, can anybody upload a copy of service manual for Siemens Clinitek Advantus urine analyser. Where can i find a copy of Maintenance Log sheet? It is not in the Operators Manual.

CLINITEK Advantus Analyzer – Siemens Healthineers Bosna i Hercegovina

Suddenly it stopped sending information. Our IT guys said that both LIS port and the instrument one were functioning and believe there is a problem with the interface card. Has anyone any advice where to get one from as I’m having issues getting anything from Siemens. We have been using lcinitek instrument in our ED lab for about 3 years and we had it on auto release for normal samples, we double check the sp. We are getting error 55 whenever the analyzer is advantuus off for more than 30 seconds.

  ASTM D2726 PDF

This causes the instrument to lose all settings. Is there a battery on bayee board that keeps the flash memory charged so that it doesn’t get lost?

Bayer Clinitek Advantus Analyzer () – Urine qualitative dipstick ketone

We would prefer not to purchase a new instrument for such a small problem. Does anyone have a copy of a maintenance logsheet for the Clinitek Advantus? Where could our lab locate a copy of a maintenance log sheet?

It’s not included in the Operators Manual. We have been having issues with the strips not being taken in the loadlist function for a minute or more My Bench Order History Sign out.

Bayer Clinitek Advantus

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