This data sheet describes the benefits, specifications, and ordering information for the Cisco Cisco and Cisco Integrated Services Router. THE CISCO CRYPTOGRAPHIC MODULE PHYSICAL CHARACTERISTICS. . of the Cisco or Integrated Services Router. All rights reserved. This document is Cisco Public Information. Page 1 of Data Sheet. Cisco Model DPC 8×4 DOCSIS Wireless. Residential Gateway.

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New Visitors are encouraged to read our wiki. Cisco ISR maximum throughput and possibly related networking issues self. Can anyone confirm the maximum throughput of a Cisco ISR router that I currently have in service? I found this “routerperformance.

Pretty good I think, and also exceeding that Nothing close to what we should be. So I need to confirm we’re not exceeding the limits of ourbut also figure out where to focus our troubleshooting time. The quoted number is for small packets. Assuming larger packet size e. If it works fine on the wired, and not fine on the wireless, then it’s probably not the router. It’s always possible the wireless is causing an issue with something like MTU or some kind of bug, but if the wired performance is solid, I would try looking at the wireless.

Try a 5ghz AP with a 5ghz client. Maybe the new circuit is using different settings than the old circuit, causing some issues downstream on our LAN side? For instance, we’ve set “ip tcp adjust-mss ” on the virtual interface for our internal LAN, which includes the wireless infrastructure.

Unfortunately, most of the network was architected before I arrived so I’m punching a bit above my weight class here but doing my best to make sense of it all. You’ll get a response saying the packet needs to be fragmented but DF bit is set.

Drop the mtu until pings go through. Try for both wired and wireless clients and see if there’s a difference. For starting value for MTU, try starting at and go up or down by 10 until it works, then go by smaller bits until you narrow it down completely.

Are you shaping your connection? At mb you could lock your interface at mb and be ok but for mb you have to shape, otherwise your performance will be bad. From personal experience with the routers, I adtasheet able to hit ciscoo shaped with a I doubt a is sufficient. I’d look at one of the new series. We are not shaping our connection, but I am considering that right now to see if that will help.


From what I’m reading, it sounds like even if we don’t end up choosing to prioritize any particular traffic over another, just having a default traffic shaping policy in place for the full mbps can improve performance?

Would that be an accurate statement? For the best performance, always shape outgoing when datqsheet have a non line rate connection. Also, don’t shape exactly at mb – set it slightly lower to account for overhead. A lot of PCs can’t even push Mbps by themselves with the default settings.

For a real test use iperf on several machines at the same time 8325 watch the traffic counters on the What were your wireless N speeds before your upgrade? Are you saying they went down after you increased the circuit speed? Wireless N networks won’t ever give you anything close to their native throughput on 2. Catasheet seen all kinds of crazy things in the field inhibiting goodput.

If you want Mbps of goodput from a single client you need to upgrade to So this is what’s getting me stumped. I get that we won’t ever get close to the theoretical mbps datashet wireless N speeds, but I’d suspect we’d do better than what we were getting before of I’ll bet the issue was with the PC you were testing with. The one you’re using now might have a lower performance ceiling or the drivers changed or someone introduced a node which triggered bigger interframe gaps or something.

I’m fairly sure you should read that as Someone’s been a little bit naughty with their significant figures! Most time is spent making cisxo forwarding decision, so you’ll get higher throughput with larger datashete.

On the other hand, if you enable additional features or encounter packets which don’t hit the common-case fast path, you’ll see lower figures.

What does your CPU usage look like?

Hardware Information – Cisco DPC3825 Internet Modem

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Cisco data sheet

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