Churchless Christianity [Herbert Hoefer] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. The purpose of this book is to describe and reflect on the fact that. known as churchless Christianity, which is one response to the church as it has brought the Gospel to the non-Western world. In his book Churchless Christianity . The Invisible Church, to be published next month, claims the Christian community in the UK is much bigger than it seems.

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I read that a Protestant acquaintance of mine was writing some articles for a magazine called Plain Truth. I looked them up. Plain Truth Ministries is an organization that promotes the teachings of Greg Albrect who propagates an sort of churchless Christianity.

There was a time, many years ago, when I imagined a structureless Christianity. Certainly the abuses people experience in religious structures seem to suggest that Christ never intended such oppressing institutions to exist—at least not in His name.


I knew nothing of history in those days. I could easily read my romantic view of things back into the New Testament: The Apostle Paul traveling around preaching and exercising dynamic spiritual gifts, starting little home groups, and then blowing into the next town: However, sooner or later, you start to read the Bible a little more carefully.

What were christainity bishops that Paul was establishing in every city?

How do you live an everyday Christian life? And then there are the abuses. Amazingly gifted people who heal churchlees sick and seem to save thousands also embezzle funds, sexually assault vulnerable people, and punish those who oppose them in any way.

Chrsitianity, even trusted friends with whom you have shared your very soul can secretly betray you:. All of the abuses that are popularly attributed to the Church are perpetrated and endured even without churches, even without religion. People are sick and weak and easily mislead. However, the Church preserves something that churchless Christianity longs for and cannot find. The Church preserves a tradition of holiness, a tradition of healing, a tradition of everyday growth through good times and bad.


Churchless Christianity? – Praying in the Rain

True, many in the Church do not live up to its teaching. And yes, every now and then outright deceivers in the leadership of the Church are exposed. All of this, and a few crackpots as well. There are scandals everywhere you look—even in the Church.

Churchless Christianity?

No, sick people are everywhere. Your email address will not be published.

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