Chrysomphalus dictyospermi (Morgan, ). Dataset; GBIF Backbone Taxonomy: Rank; SPECIES: Published in; Fjelddalen, J. Skjoldlus ( Coccinea. PDF | Effect of temperature on life history of Chrysomphalus dictyospermi ( Morgan) (Hemiptera Diaspididae). This study documented the life table parameters of. On citrus, heavy infestations of C. dictyospermi can cover the tree. The toxic saliva injected while feeding causes leaf chlorosis, and feeding by many scale.

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Rosen D; DeBach P, The species is of economic importance on several hosts in Brazil, and is regarded as a pest in Argentina, where it occurs on both cultivated and native plants; in Chile it is a primary pest on Citrus and is common on ornamental plants Claps et al. De Lotto G, Scale Dicyyospermi of Japan in Colours.

Bulletin Department of Agriculture, Fiji, Foldi listed it as an economically important pest in France. The body of a slide-mounted adult female is membranous and pyriform never reniform ; front of head rounded; and prepygidial segments each with fewer than five submarginal ducts present on each side these never forming clusters.


Mortality due to abiotic factors is high in this stage. Cookies on Plantwise Knowledge Bank Like most websites we use cookies. Commerce and the spread of pests and disease vectors.


Chrysomphalus dictyospermi

Distribution Top of page C. Species of Aphytis of the world Hymenoptera: State of Hawaii Department of Agriculture. Danzig and Pellizzari, Interim report, March Some Philippine armored scale insects of the tribe Aspidiotini Diaspididae, Homoptera. In Egypt, optimal conditions for C. Les dityospermi du continent Africain Noir.

Serie de Zoologia, Lisboa, China Agricultural Science and Technology Press. Encyrtidaeparasitoid of Chrysomphalus dictyospermi Morg. Scales-olive pests in southern part of Montenegro. History of Introduction and Spread Top of dictysopermi C.

Chrysomphalus dictyospermi (dictyospermum scale)

In Cuba, control of C. Benassy discussed the mass rearing of A.

Monographie des Coccoidea, classification – Diaspidinae Premiere partie. Chrysomphalus dictyospermi Morgan Taxonomic placing: Annotated checklist of the Aphelinidae Hymenoptera: Catalogue of Palaearctic Coccoidea. Biological control of citrus pests in Peru. The non-specialized pests of tea in the USSR and their control.


Chrysomphalus dictyospermi (Morgan, 1889)

Infestation decreases plant growth and development and disfigures the fruit, reducing their market value. Fontenla Rizo et al. Chryskmphalus data for the entomofauna of Cape Verde.

The dorsal, slender macroducts are one-barred and the anus is located about one-third the distance between the median lobes and the vulva, the latter surrounded on either side by perivulvar pores. Danzig and Konstantinova, Tuncyurek-Soydanbay M; Erkin E, Common coccid pests on ornamental plants in some greenhouses of Egypt.

Coccoidea of Easter Island Homoptera. Polyphagousin the Middle East mainly on citrus and mango.