Governess Brides Series; Volume number 1. That Scandalous Evening. The Governess Brides. by Christina Dodd. On Sale: 06/30/ That Scandalous. That Scandalous Evening: The Governess Brides (Governess Brides Series) [ Christina Dodd] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. New York . Editorial Reviews. Review. Christina Dodd brings fresh ideas to the often-used Regency world in which she sets this sprightly, sexy story of a.

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Startled and offended, Jane glared at the insufferable man. This may be the most satisfying example of a favorite premise I can remember reading and I look for these: I have just one left.

She realized he was wondering if this scene would be gossiped about, and if the names of Miss Jane Higgenbothem and Lord Blackburn scandalos again be linked.

She had hung on his every word; she had deciphered his every expression. The hero and heroine are hilarious and the perfect blend of lovable and annoyingly un-like-able meaning they are real humans with faults.

I would be pleased to dance with Mr.

But as she crosses paths with Ransom again, sparks and intrigue both scndalous. But he makes no offer of marriage and she goes home in disgrace and surrounded by scandal. View all 5 comments.

This sculpture, of course, is never meant to be seen, but through a series of catty maneouvers it is unveiled at a ball attended by scxndalous the Hero and the heroine. Jane had been a young woman who was infatuated with Ransom.


It is not until the very end of the story that he shows any redeemable qualities.

I enjoyed this book This started off really strong, even despite some mild rapey vibes. For example, at loot. Jane lived in society, but at times it seemed as though she marched to a different drumm This was my first book by Christina Dodd, and I was pleased by how much I christima it.

Showing of 59 reviews. But this novel made up for it with witty dialogue and quick repartee. Of course, not every book of hers is a five star, but christima one definitely is! I loved the scene where we found out what happened to the statue. Evidently she has no desire to create the manners and mores of historical times but does enjoy the possibilities inherent in those times, as unrealistic as they may be. Eleven years later, she returns to the society as a chaperone for her beautiful niece Adora, and to face the demons she had not fully buried.

When she had seen that marred face, the earth had shuddered christins her feet; had no one else felt it? This means the dreaded Big Mis occurs, but thankfully the author doesn’t make us suffer through it for very long. It’s a sweet little story where the hero is kind of an ass and not all that bright. Paperbackpages. The so called heroin in this book is so unassailable and a little to cold for my taste, the hero isn’t much better.

That Scandalous Evening

Ransom drew out his snobby superiority a little too long for me. But to Blackburn, Jane’s unwitting model, the cool, reticent spinster is still a challenge. The premise was so intriguing and the real reason why Ransom was so angry and embarrassed is actually hilarious.


There at the end when they were by the boat It’s my favorite of hers so far, and I have a feeling it will stay that way for a long time. Those misunderstandings also led to some very funny situations.

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This book has romance adventure and mystery. It has a hero that doesn’t realize he is up to his eyeballs in love with the amazing Jane and that makes it extra delightful for me. His emotions are mixed but he has decided to court her. He gazed through the silver quizzing glass she remembered so well, and his midnight blue eyes pierced her until she thought she must be bleeding internally.

Romance Novelist named Christina — her mother was very impressed. Backstory is the heroine was having a mediocre season in part due to her desire to be an artist and in part she’s in love with the high-flying hero. Quite a few secondary characters rule that provide side plots that merge into the main story at a later date: