ROBINSON. MODEL R44 II. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. FAA APPROVED: 21 OCT 4-i. SECTION 4. NORMAL PROCEDURES. CONTENTS. Pooleys Flying and Navigational products and accessories. Checklists | Robinson R44 Raven I & II | NCL | Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist. Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download. The web’s largest collection of checklists.

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The landing skids collapsed and the tail boom broke at checklizt end of the tail assembly, leaving the tail rotor attached by only the tail skid. A number of documents were available to employees as reference tools, including a reference manual entitled Aircraft Service Directory Appendix Awhich lists different types of aircraft and their specific refuelling requirements.

Free Robinson R44 Checklists to Download

The Checklisy Safety Board inspected other installations from the same fuel supplier. Specifically, to fill the main tank first, then the auxiliary tank, as indicated on the placards.

No information was provided to the employees concerning standard procedures to be followed; no aircraft refuelling reference manuals, no fuel emergency manuals, and no how to prepare incident reports, either at CYFE or at Forestville city hall.

Rather, link to www.

Section 7 of the POH states that fuel samples must be taken from the 3 drains before the first flight of the day and after refuelling. Dauntless Software and any authors editors, producers, etc.

The advisory contained information about the accident and informed the regulatory agency of the safety deficiencies that posed low to moderate risks. The refueller was alone when refuelling the aircraft and did not use a ladder.


C-FNZO experienced reduced power and there were indications that the engine was overheating. Confirm the amount of fuel the pilot wants. Both people on board had minor injuries and were taken to hospital. While the bulk of it should be highly useful and accurate, DO use material here at your own risk. Also, certain ‘private browsing’ modes and similar web browser setttings may cause resources to be unreachable.

None of the pilots noticed this, and the refueller was asked to refuel the helicopters.

NCL132 Robinson R44 Raven I & II Checklist

Mayor update to the Tim Tucker version. Confirm what type of fuel the pilot wants.

This report concludes the Transportation Safety Board’s investigation into this occurrence. The aircraft took off from Forestville at the end of the day. Even though some deficiencies were identified in terms of the defences associated with the risks of fuelling errors, these defences help primarily to reduce risks.

The refueller did not ask any questions, which reinforced the pilots’ belief in the refueller’s qualifications. Aerodrome amenities and services are available only i the summer months.

CG Warning for KG units added.

Pilots do not generally take samples immediately after refuelling. The inspection tasks include checking the amount of fuel by using the fuel gauges and taking a fuel sample. Product Support We hope that the Performance Pad is intuitive to use, however if you have questions or reports please contact us anytime at: There was no evidence found of any airframe failure or system malfunction during the flight, other rven the loss of power associated with the wrong type of fuel being added to the tanks.


Jun 21, Version 5. The Robinson Helicopter Company RHC stated that it does not set a specific amount of time for sampling, vhecklist that, after refuelling, pilots must use their judgment to determine what tasks, if applicable, can be omitted from the pre-flight checklist. There are over AS chekclist registered in Canada.

You approach an aeroplane that needs to be refuelled and the pilot says, “Full fuel. However, there is no standard for helicopters.

We recommend Fleet Control for Flight Schools and operators of multiple helicopters. Arm or Moment will be computed automatically Moment has priority. Pilots’ decisions can be influenced by a wide range of factors such as the perception of the situation and their experience.

The bottom of the auxiliary tank is higher than the bottom of the main tank and thus, by gravity, the auxiliary tank continuously feeds the main tank.

Aviation Investigation Report A11Q0036

The pilot performed an autorotation 3 and landed on a street in a residential neighbourhood in Forestville. If the appropriate Jet A-1 nozzle had been used, it would not have been possible to refuel the R44s.

Almost immediately, noises were heard from the engine and a significant loss of power occurred. The Jet A-1 fuel nozzle at Forestville had been replaced with a smaller nozzle to allow refuelling of another type of ravsn. The training lasted several days and included a final evaluation and a certificate.