CCNP SWITCH 6 – BitRadius. Instructor Lab Manual Book everyone. Download file Free Book PDF Ccnp Switch Instructor Lab Manual at. CCNP: Implementing Secure Converged Wide-area Networks v – Lab Copyright © Ensure that the switch is set up so that both the router and host are in the same. VLAN. .. Figure Internet Explorer Security Alert Prompt. ccnp switch instructor lab pdf. CCNP SWITCH Instructor Lab Manual. This document is exclusive property of Cisco Systems, Inc.

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Both will be dynamically learned and then added to the running configuration. It cannot be used with channel-group number mode on command. Configure VTP on the switches.

Now, bring up the port by issuing the no shutdown command on the interface. The new cost values are: The switch supports 1, maximum VLANs locally. Change the root port using the spanning-tree port-priority command. This is expected behavior.

To enable BPDU guard on PortFast-enabled ports, use the spanning-tree portfast bpduguard default global configuration command. The following command is for a switch. You plan to test the configurations in a lab environment before placing them into production.

The second replacement command tries radius authentication first, and then uses the local database as a backup. The improper addition of switches to the network can be either malicious or accidental.

You must apply identical configurations on each switch for MST to work insfructor. Configure the four switches as shown in the diagram with a hostname.

CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition

Switch conf ibstructor Enter configuration commands, one ,ab line. In addition to the real IP address assigned to each distribution switch SVI, assign a third IP address in each subnet to be used as a virtual gateway address. You can also configure EtherChannels as Layer 3 routed connections on switches that support routed ports. Connecting hubs, concentrators, switches, bridges, etc Be sure to turn off debugging before continuing: If You’re a Student Buy this product Additional order info.


This lab assumes instrucgor existence of fiber-optic gigabit ports, although this might not be the case with your lab equipment. What is the active router for VLAN ? For this network, it has been decided that AAA using Verify your configurations using the switcg vlan brief, show vtp status, show standby brief, and show ip route commands.

When configuring EtherChannels, it is a recommended best practice to shutdown the physical ports being grouped on both devices before configuring them into channel groups. The and switches have a range command that you can use to designate multiple individual ports or a continuous range of ports for an operation.

Lab Configuration Files KB. Which mode are the trunks in? The BPDU guard feature provides a secure response to invalid configurations because the network administrator must manually put the interface back in service.

DLS2 show vlan private-vlan Primary Secondary Type Ports isolated community Will hosts assigned to ports on private VLAN be able to communicate directly with each other? Save your final device configurations for use with the next lab. However, this type of failure is by an order of magnitude more rare than failures caused by unidirectional links.

Cisco Networking Academy, CCNP SWITCH Lab Manual, 2nd Edition | Pearson

This list defines the traffic between the host and the rest of the network. In kab cases, you must manually configure the spanning-tree root to ensure optimized paths throughout the Layer 2 network. The switch starts reloading. If any of the tests failed, make the necessary corrections to the configurations for the router and switches. It is specified in a hexadecimal TLV type, length, value format.


If lists are not defined, a default list is used. Configure the switch hostnames as shown in the topology.

Some lab packs are delivered by NetSim to support other products that are sold separately. If you look at the output of show spanning-tree on the four switches, you see that the port states and root switches vary on a per VLAN basis. You do not need to leave configuration mode to execute this command.

Verify VTP information throughout the domain using the show vlan and show vtp status commands. You can also achieve this by manually manipulating priorities with spanning-tree mst instance priority number.

The output should look similar to the following. Verify the auto QoS configuration at the access layer using the show mls qos interface interface-type interface-number and show run commands. If you are connecting remotely to the switches, follow the instructions that have been supplied by your instructor.

Use the question mark on the interface level command spanning-tree vlan number?. There is no IP address 0. In the output below, notice the difference between show current and show pending. Compiled Thu Aug