Now that the Axis Institute for World Domination has been blown up; the founder, Dr. Phineas Darkkon, has died; and Prosper English (who enrolled Cadel in the. Readers who loved Evil Genius will find this sequel as gripping, devilish and wonderfully dark as its predecessor. What made that first book so. Will Genius Squad be the answer to all Cadel’s prayers? Catherine Jinks was born in Brisbane in and grew up in Sydney and Papua New Guinea.

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This book deserves a wider audience than this cover will attract. With all these worries it is no wonder that when contacted to become geniuss of the Genius Squad in order to bring down a fraudulent organisation called GENOME he accepts the offer of living in Clearview House with Sonja.

Granted, he realized he’s been manipulated his whole life, but I feel like he doesn’t take advantage of his skills enough. Everyone else believes it to be accommodation for hard done jinkz kids while in reality it is a cover for bringing together genius kids to take down an organisation. But this might be a good thing, because Prosper English, who claims to be Cadels dad, is an evil man and he has escaped jail in search of Cadel.

I have better things to read than another half-baked attempt to throw the hero I love into a shambling, sketchy story with virtually geniue plot arc and a forced love interest. And while I loved Sonja in the first book, it seems that in the second she was a hindrance to the plot moving on. This page was last edited on 28 Marchat From toCatherine studied at the University of Sydney, graduating with an honours degree in medieval history.


For anyone interested in reading these books I have two recommendations: The mother, Hazel, is extremely sweet but his foster brother, Mace, is the furthest from nice. What I like most about Genius Squad is that, just like Evil Genius, it is catherone intelligent book about an intelligent kid.

Genius Squad (Genius, #2) by Catherine Jinks

Granted, he realized he’s been manipulated his whole Quite a gap between reading this one and the first book, so there’s a decent chunk of stuff I don’t remember. The problem is the character of Sonja, who is a 16 year-old girl with cerebral palsy.

The book was good, but admittedly I liked Cadel more when he was manipulating people. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

He may want to do small acts of revenge. And, unlike Cadel, she could draw no comfort from the prospect of release, because her incarceration was permanent. However, Clearview House becomes like a safe haven for Cadel.

The book ends with the title of the sequel, which won’t be published soon enough. I am now two thirds the way through Catherine Jinks’ “Genius” trilogy and am really enjoying it.

Genius Squad

Despite Jimks initial suspicions they may be working for Prosper, Cadel and Sonja eventually agree to join Genius Squad. He’s still insanely smart, and surrounded by adults who either don’t believe him or won’t trust him.

The book lags in almost everything! While Genius Squad works away, trying to avoid notice by Cadel’s various bodyguards, they uncover a web of deceit, crimes and cerebral implants. Seeing Gazo and Alias again was fun jinsk Com Dot’s sister was a good addition to the cast. At the beginning, he’s living a mostly restricted life. He doesn’t know who his father is. Articles needing additional references from June All articles needing additional references Pages to import images to Wikidata.


Am I just into torturing myself? The whole novel minks a bitter taste in my mouth. Our hero, Cadel Piggott, was so far removed Jinks, Catherine. Tja und Cadel, der Hauptcharakter, ist ja sowieso mein Liebling geworden. Etwas kitschig aber das mag ich ja.

I also love the way in which Jinks writes about how Cadel tries to figure out what to do in social situations. Hardcoverpages. Tja und dann Saul. Though he did still come up with brilliant plans. I wanted to know more. Dialogue Jknks on technique 5: Not Fiona, his social worker; not Saul Greeniaus, the detective assigned to protect him.


Preview — Genius Squad by Catherine Jinks. Unl Oh my effing god. Nov 12, Rooh rated it liked it Shelves: At the end of Evil Genius, Cadel Piggott finds out that his parents are not his parents, and his real father is probably t books, which is 2. In the first book, Sonja was a whip-smart, pro-active girl with wit, personality and spunk.

Saul gets a group of police officers down to the airport in time to save Cadel, but Prosper manages to get away.

The book gets a little boring at times, especially when Jinks spend a lot of paragraphs talking about hacking which is definitely not as entertaining as, but definitely more realistic than, hacking montages in movies or TV series.

Cadel is in foster care with limited computer time which is like prison to him. Dec 06, Aelvana rated it it was amazing.