The Paul Chen / Hanwei Forge produces the finest quality reproductions . Welcome to Paul Chen Hanwei swords. As an official distributor of the incredible line of Cas Hanwei swords, our goal is to make your shopping experience easy. CAS Iberia began as an importer of quality knives from Spain and has since grown into Ancient weapon of European tribes recreated by Hanwei and Svord .

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A tactical version of the Burmese Dha, and yes, it can actually slice bullets too. The source for high quality swordssuperior performance knivesreenactment gear and sparring swords. I hanweu think that as time passes, PC will start moving towards a more traditional geometry.

I just wanted to say thanks for liking my catalog and ended up with a novella I think it will have to be a wait and see on the Oni for you. Eh, at least they are trying a bit more to keep up with the game. I really like the new stuff coming from Paul Chen, yes the Performance line is wider and has no niku, but they are meant to be strictly competition cutters.

Originally Posted by JoeT. However, from the new Japanese swords, almost none have niku, all too wide blades with a flat edge and rather thin section. A readily available high quality Katana and good choice to dip one’s toe in the higher end.

Due to the sheer volume of swords being produced, it was not uncommon to find a few lemons in every batch many of which, ended up being sold on ebay. Hanwei Mercenary Sword The ‘jewel in the junk’ of a series some rather clunky beaters by Hanwei.


Paul Chen / Hanwei Wholesale Samurai Swords

On the other hand, most people complain that their medieval swords are a little too dull, and need additional sharpening out of the box to cut effectively though once sharpened — due to the excellent temper of the steel — they hold their edges exceptionally well.

Historical or not, its a fast mean little stabby cutter of a sword. Hanwei Practical Ninja-to Historical or not, its a fast mean little stabby cutter of a sword. Hanwei Torino Rapier Quite ornate and attractive in its own right, but not all that historically accurate. Hanwei Forge Zatoichi The old sword hidden in a stick trick. Affordable, tough and well made – one of the best Scottish Great swords on the market.

From the humble Practical Katana, both the classic series and the newer performance series to Swedish Powder steel, Tamagahane Nihonto style blades and now even the legendary L6 Tool Steel, there are Japanese style Hanwei swords to suit every taste and budget. I’d like to clarify a few points made above. Fortunately, there was no loss of life in the fire, but it took Hanwei until early to reach anything similar to previous production levels and prices tended to increase dramatically on many products during this period.

C.A.S. Hanwei

Nice enough to look at and handles well, but all in all, just average. Not all Iaidoka cut cqs nearly all Iaidoka require a good shinken at some stage for kata. I know of perhaps two more models going into the Performance Series for next year, but that should be it for a while. We just got our first production set of these pieces in and should be headed my way for re-photographing, etc.


Paul Chen Hanwei Swords

Which means that for now Bugei are about the only alternative for that Due to the relative hardness and thinness of some of the blades, there are many anecdotal stories aboud of them literally snapping in half and then flying through caralog air after a poorly executed strike against relatively light targets such as Tatami Omote and Water Filled Bottles.

Bogdan, I also forgot to mention one of my favorite new models, the Ronin on pg.

Most of us who use longer iaito have to compromise with shorter blades. I see your reasoning Bartender and Brewmeister for the Pub Stranger in a Strange land.

Originally Posted by B. I used its information to help narrow down my selection If that is any indicator along with Chen working with Tinker Piercethen we are in for a treat.

Not a bad attempt, though a little expensive. I will say that having niku on one of these blades esp.

Registered wholesale dealers can access the vas shopping section of the site via the Dealer Corner button at the top of this page. The Elite profile has no niku, is wider and thinner than traditional blades. Ok, enough of that Historically accurate, handles well and tough as nails.

I personally don’t see the “Elite” geometry as having a weak edge against hard targets, I’ve only cut mats with an elite so I’m not speaking from personal experience Or am I missing something?