Cardiobacterium hominis is a slow-growing, fastidious, capnophilic, Gram- negative bacillus represented by the “C” in HACEK, an acronym for. Cardiobacterium hominis is a member of the HACEK group (Haemophilus paraphrophilus, Haemophilus parainfluenzae, Aggregatibacter. Cardiobacterium hominis, a microaerophilic, pleomorphic gram-negative bacillus , is one of the AACEK organisms. C. hominis is a component of the normal flora.

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Table 8 displays biochemical properties that help differentiate C. This article has been cited by other articles in PMC.

Cardiobacterium hominis – Infectious Disease and Antimicrobial Agents

Fluorescent antibody detection of human occurrence of an unclassified bacterial group causing endocarditis. Intracranial mycotic aneurysm 34 and ruptured mycotic aneurysm of the superior mesenteric artery cardiobaterium illustrate the propensity for C. Since different susceptibility testing methods were used, direct comparison of the susceptibilities of the two isolates is difficult.

Roth spots have been rarely reported Cardiobacterium hominis endocarditis in a patient with a hypersensitivity reaction to penicillin.

Late prosthetic valve endocarditis. Rheumatic and congenital heart disease, poor dentition, and recent dental work are commonly noted risk factors for cardiobacteroum associated with any HACEK organisms [ 1462 ].


Yonsei Med J ; Can Med Assoc J. The acrdiobacterium cited in all of the case reports included in the present review were examined for additional cases not indexed on MEDLINE. Endocarditis in heart valve bioprosthesis caused by Cardiobacterium hominis. An elusive cause of endocarditis. Of the three cases of apparent bacteremia without endocardial involvement, one occurred in a year-old man with underlying adenocarcinoma of the right kidney with an abscess involving the cecum and the right kidney [ 53 ].

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Carbapenems were the most active of all the agents tested. Klebsiella pneumoniae RhinoscleromaKlebsiella pneumonia Klebsiella granulomatis Granuloma inguinale Klebsiella oxytoca Escherichia coli: The data to follow were primarily obtained from a review published in 1 and case reports that have appeared in the literature subsequent to that publication 2 – We believe antibiotic prophylaxis should be considered for patients who have prosthetic heart valves and who are at cardiobacterihm risk for endocarditis when they undergo endoscopy.

Received Nov 4; Accepted Feb This page was last edited on 15 Novemberat C hominis produces indole and is oxidase-positive 136 However, there are published cases that exist describing beta-lactamase-producing C hominis.


Report of one case and review of the literature. Diagn Microbiol Infect Dis ; Infective endocarditis due to unusual or fastidious microrganisms. S Afr Med J ; Septicaemia caused by Cardiobacterium hominis. Blood cultures for C hominis may need a prolonged period of incubation. Open in a separate window.

The endpoints are similar for other causes of endocarditis. Boll Ist Sieroter Milan ; Apparent culture-negative endocarditis of the prosthetic valve caused by Cardiobacterium hominis. Ceftriaxone is recommended by the recently published American Heart Association guidelines.

Generalized fibromuscular dysplasia and calcified aneurysm.

We describe a case of culture-negative endocarditis in which a modified Steiner stain revealed bacterial structures in the resected heart valve material. N Engl J Med ; Endocarditis due to C. Endocarditis with ruptured cerebral aneurysm caused by Cardiobacterium valvarum sp. Review of cases over 9 years.