Cara Membuat Wajan Wifi. Siapkan bahan atau material pembuatan wajan bolic / antena wajan hollic: USB WLAN, wajan / penggorengan. cara-membuat-antena-penguat-signal-3G-HSDPA-GPRS-wajan-bolic-wajan- holic. December 1, Published in pembuatan wajan bolling · ← Previous Next. Wajanbolic is a wireless antenna that is made from the pan used to amplify radio olic antennas and satellite dishes have a way of working . Contoh Surat Lamaran Kerja · Cara Membuat Antena Wajan Bolic.

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Pada pertemuan yang lalu saya sudah menjelaskan tetntang domain co. Gimana pengen tau caranya…… ayo ikuti petualangan wwajan dibawah…. Lihat dibawah Setelah itu langsung kli saja pada bagian Switch to advanced settings. Lihat gambar dibawah Dan setelah itu lang sung saja isikan domain co. Maret 7, Posted by icanisirsan Uncategorized Tinggalkan komentar. Maret 6, Posted by icanisirsan Uncategorized Tinggalkan komentar.

Untuk meningkatkan jarak jangkauan wireless LAN diperlukan antena eksternal dengan gain yang lebih tinggi daripada antenna standard namun karena Antena eksternal High Gain harganya relative mahal, maka anda dapat mengakali untuk membuat sebuah antenna eksternal high gain dengan barang-barang bekas yang kita jumpai di rumah. Banyak barang-barang yang sering dijumpai dalam kehidupan sehari-hari yang dapat digunakan untuk membuat antenna High Gain dengan cara mudah dan biaya ringan seperti tutup panci atau wajan.

Biasa menggunakan keluarga standar IEEE Berdasarkan keputusan Menteri No. Beberapa hal yang penting dari Keputusan Mentri No. Karena berasal dari wajan maka kesempurnaannya tidak sebanding dg antenna parabolic yg sesungguhnya. Karena berupa solid dish maka pengaruh angin cukup besar sehingga memerlukan mounting ke tower yang cukup kuat. Kebanyakan antenna homebrew wifi yg ada di internet: Komponen yg selalu ada dalam desain antenna-antena tsb: Perkiraan harga yang dikeluarkan untuk membeli bahan WajanBolic adalah kurang dari Rp Bandingkan jika Anda harus membeli antenna Grid 24db, yang bikinan lokal saja mencapai Rp Atau membeli antenna grid lokal yang harganya Rp Pada titik focus tsb dipasang ujung feeder.

Untuk mendapatkan gain maksimum. Lalu pasangkan N connector ke PVC Paralon yang telah dilubangi tadi Pada bagian doff tutup PVC paralon yang akan di pasang pada ujung dekat dengan N Connector harus di beri aluminium foil, sedangkan doff yang di pasang pada wajan tidak perlu di beri aluminium foil Pasangkan doff tersebut ke PVC paralon Kemudian, wajan yang telah di bolongi tadi dipasangkan dengan doff yang satunya lagi, sebelum nya doff tersebut dilubangi sesuai dengan ukuran baut yang sudah di siapkan, dan kencangkan.

Kemudian tinggal pasangkan PVC paralon tadi ke wajan yang sudah di pasang doff. Dan Wajan bolic sudah siap untuk digunakan browsing, atau paling tidak untuk wardriving. Maret 4, Posted by icanisirsan internet gratis Tinggalkan komentar.

There are various legends regarding the origin of the Games. During a celebration of the Games and Olympic Truce was enacted to enable athletes to travel from their various countries to Olympia in safety. The prizes for the victors were olive wreaths, palm branches, and woollen ribbons. The origins of the Ancient Olympic Games are unknown, but several legends, and myths have survived. One myth about the festival at Olympia involved Pelops mmembuat, king of Olympia and eponymous bllic of the Peloponnesusto whom offerings were made during the Games.

This is a myth linked to the later fall of the house of Atreus and the sufferings of Oedipus. Another myth tells of the hero Hercules, or Herakleswho kembuat a race at Olympia and then decreed that the race should be re-enacted every four years. Yet another myth claims that Zeus initiated the festival after his defeat of his predecessor, the Titan Cronus.

Another myth tells of King Iphitos of Eliswho consulted Pythiathe Oracle at Delphito find a way to save his people from war in the ninth century BC. This was the most respected temple in Greece, a religious center originally founded for the worship of Python. The prophetess advised him to organize games in honour of the deities.

The Spartan adversary of Iphitos then decided to stop fighting during these games. They were called Olympic Games, after the sanctuary of Olympia where they were held. Had they been named after Mount Olympusthe mountain on which the Greek deities were said bllic live, they would have been called Olympian games rather than Olympic.


The Classical era story is that Heracles celebrated cleaning the Augean Stables by building Olympia with help from Athena. The games were held to be one of the two central rituals in Ancient Greecethe other being the much older religious festival, the Eleusinian Mysteries.

Membuat Wajanbolic Sendiri Untuk Antena TV | Kreatif

The Games first started in Olympia, Greece, in bklic sanctuary site for the Greek deities near the towns of Elis and Pisa both in Elis on the peninsula of Peloponnesos. The first Games began as an annual foot race of young women in competition for the position of the priestess for the goddess, Hera [4] and a second race was instituted for a consort for the priestess who would participate in the religious traditions at the temple.

The Heraea Gamesthe first recorded competition carw women in the Olympic Stadium were held as early as the sixth century B. It originally consisted of foot races only, as did the competition for males. Being the consort of Hera in Classical Greek mythologyZeus was the father of the the deities in the pantheon of that era. This statue was one of the ancient Seven Wonders of the World.

By the time of the Classical Greek culture, in the fifth and fourth centuries B. The historian Ephorus who lived in the fourth century B. The Olympic Games were held in four-year intervals and later the Greek method of counting the years sajan referred to these Games, using the term Mebmuat for the period between two Games.

Previously every Greek state used its own dating system, something that continued for local events, which led to confusion blic trying to determine dates. The word stadium is derived from this foot race. The reasoning for the development of this tradition is unclear. Several groups fought over control of the sanctuary at Olympus, and hence the Games, for prestige and political advantage. The next year Elis regained control. The Olympic Games were part of the Panhellenic Gamesfour separate games held at two or four-year intervals, but arranged so mfmbuat there was at least one set of games every year.

cara membuat antena wajan boolic dan Parabola mini

The site of Olympia remained until an earthquake destroyed it in the sixth century AD. During the Olympic Games a truce or ekecheiria was observed. Three runners known as spondophoroi were sent from Elis to the various participant cities at each set of games to announce the beginning of the truce. During this period armies were forbidden from entering Olympia, wars were suspended, and legal disputes and the use of the death penalty were forbidden.

The truce was primarily designed to allow athletes and visitors to travel safely to the games, and was for the most part observed. Thucydides wrote of a situation where the Spartans were forbidden from attending the Games and the violators of the truce were fineddrachmas for assaulting the city of Lepreum during the period of the ekecheiria.

The Spartans disputed the fine and claimed that the truce had not yet taken hold.

Athletes running the hoplitodromos. Additionally, participants eventually came from Greek colonies as well, extending the range of the games to far shores of the Mediterranean and of the Black Sea.

It seems that only young people were allowed nembuat participate, as the Greek writer Plutarch relates that one young man was rejected for seeming too mature, and only after his lover interceded with the king of Sparta, who presumably vouched for his youth, was he permitted to participate.

Before being able to participate, every participant had to take an oath in front of the statue of Zeus saying that he had been in training for ten months. The Olympic games originally contained one event: The length of the race is uncertain, since tracks found at archeological sites, as well as literary evidence, provide conflicting measurements. Runners had to pass five stakes that divided the blic A section of the stone starting line at Olympia, which has a groove for each foot.


The diaulosor 2-stade race, was introduced in BC, during the 14th Olympic games. A third foot race, the dolichoswas introduced in BC.

Separate accounts of the race present conflicting evidence as to the length of the dolichoshowever, the average stated length of the race was approximately laps, or, about three miles 5 km. The event was run similarly to modern marathons- the runners would begin and end their event in the stadium proper, but the race course would wind its way through the Olympic grounds.

The course often would flank important shrines and statues in the sanctuary, passing by the Nike statue by the temple of Zeus before returning to the stadium.

The runners would run either a single or double diaulos approximately or yards in full or partial armour, carrying a shield and additionally equipped either with greaves or a helmet. Due to the weight of the armour, it was easy for runners to drop their shields or trip over fallen competitors. In a vase painting depicting the event, some runners are shown leaping over fallen shields. The course they used for these runs were made out of clay with sand over the clay. Over the years, more events were added: Boxing became increasingly brutal over the centuries.

Initially, soft leather covered their fingers but eventually hard leather weighted with metal sometimes was used. In the chariot racing event, it was not the rider, but the owner of the chariot and team who was considered to be the competitor, so one owner could win more than one of the top spots.

Tutorial Cara Membuat Wajan Bolic

The addition of events meant the festival grew from one day to five days, three of which were used for competition. The other two days were dedicated to religious rituals. On the final day, there was a banquet for all of the participants, consisting of oxen that had been sacrificed to Zeus on the first day. The winner of an Olympic bloic was awarded an olive branch and often was received with much honour throughout Greece and especially in his home town, where he was often granted large sums of money in Athens, drachma, a small fortune and prizes including vats of olive oil.

See Milo of Croton. Sculptors would create statues of Olympic victors bolif and poets would sing odes in their praise for money. Archaeologists believe that wars were halted between the city-states of Greece so that the athletes as well as the spectators of the Olympics could get there safely.

However, some archaeologists argue that the wars were not halted, but that the athletes who were in the army were allowed to leave and participate in the Olympics. Participation in the classical games was limited to male athletes except for women who were allowed to take part by entering horses in the equestrian events. It is thought that single women not betrothed or married were allowed to watch the races. Also priestesses in the temple of Zeus who lit the candles were permitted.

The athletes usually competed nakednot only as the weather was appropriate but also as the festival was meant to celebrate, in part, the achievements of the human body.

Olive oil was occasionally used by the competitors, not only to keep skin smooth but also to provide an appealing look for the participants.

Competitors may have worn a kynodesme to restrain the penis. Bases of Zanes, paid for by fines from those who cheated at the Games. Februari 20, Posted by icanisirsan Uncategorized Tinggalkan komentar.