[EBOOKS] Canon Cfx L Fax Service Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online Canon Cfx. [READ] Canon Cfx L Fax Parts Manual EBooks. Book file PDF easily for everyone and every device. You can download and read online. Canon CFX-L, this fax machine is not pulling the paper up the “back . This fax is used by our dispatch and he manually dials a number.

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Table of contents Table Of Contents Part 1 Introduction Features Of The Canon Cfx-l Plain Paper Fax Features How To Use Your Documentation Important Safety Instructions Part 2 Getting Started Setting Up Your Fax Do You Have Everything? Unpacking Your Fax Removing Shipping Materials Controls, Components, And Connections From The Front From The Back The Handset option The Operation Panel Connecting The Telephone Line Handling And Storing Cartridges Loading Recording Paper Selecting Paper Delivery Paper Delivery Selector Storing Information In The Fax Guidelines For Registering Information Entering Numbers, Letters, And Symbols Using The Menu System Personalizing Your Fax Identifying Your Documents Entering User Information Setting The Telephone Line Type Part 3 Sending Faxes Preparing To Send A Fax Preparing The Oo’c’ument Loading The Document Adding Pages During Transmission Canceling A Transmission Messages Displayed During Sending Auto Redial in Memory Sending Setting Up Redialing Maximizing Image Quality Part 4 Receiving Faxes Automatic Receiving Options Using An Answering Machine Receiving Documents In Memory Printing A Fax From Memory Using One-touch Speed Dialing Creating Groups For Group Dialing Using Group Dialing Dialing Through A Switchboard Long Distance Dialing How Cfx-4000 Enter Pauses During A Power Failure Memory Backup Function Polling To Receive Faxes Polling A Fax Machine Activity Management Report Printing Transaction Reports One-touch Speed Dialing Report Coded Speed Dialillgreport Cf-l4000 7 Maintenance Cleaning The Fax Cleaning The Outer Casing Cleaning The Scanner Components Maintaining The Fax Part 8 Troubleshooting Problems And Solutions Document Feed Jams And Misfeeds Recording Paper Jams Problems Sending Faxes Can’t Send A Fax Errors Frequently Occur Cfx-4l000 Sending Problems Receiving Faxes Errors Frequently Occur During Receiving Vertical White Streaks The Telephone Doesn’t Work Nothing Appears In The Canin Can’t Make Copies Can’t Poll Other Units Display Messages And Meanings To Access Speed Dial Setup: Installing The Memory Board Canoncfx-l User’s Guide Don’t have an account?