Once Upon a Time is a series of novels published by Simon Pulse, an imprint of Simon Golden, and Wild Orchid. Kissed An omnibus edition featuring three of Cameron Dokey’s novels: Belle, Sunlight and Shadow, and Winter’s Child. Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. Her other fairy tales include, The Storyteller’s Daughter, Sunlight and Shadow, and Golden. : Before Midnight: A Retelling of “Cinderella” (Once upon a Time) ( ): Cameron Dokey, Mahlon F. Craft: Books.

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Once: Before Midnight/Golden/Wild Orchid

This is pretty much my review for all of the books. Shelve The World Above: Maybe not as how it is in stories, but surely something better! Preview — Once by Cameron Dokey. Sep 28, storytimesaddness rated it liked it. Mulan hasn’t seen her father since birth, so when he finally comes home with a new wife who is suddenly pregnant, Mulan decides to join the military and disguises as a boy to serve the country.

Simon Pulse February Length: As a fairytale retelling this really scratched the itch once I managed to forgive its overly stylized, flowery writing. In Pnce Midnight, Cendrillion’s stepmother and stepsisters are nice. Anastasia really surprised me when she got on Cendrillon’s good side. I really felt that the imagery was milked for all xameron was worth one then some and it really got under my skin.

Series need not be read in any particular order. A Retelling of Rumpelstiltskin by Suzanne Weyn.

Once Upon a Time Series by Cameron Dokey

This was a clever revision to the classic. Oct 25, Sarah rated it really liked it Shelves: His wife has… More. In Golden, Rapunzel is bald. They are unused to being in such a remote location and Cendrillon tries her best to make them feel welcome and show them the joys of their home. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Rapunzel was bald and gave her name to the girl she saved from a forever life in a tower this is the ‘Rapunzel’ we all know and love and names herself Susan and falls in love cameeron Harry.


A Retelling of the Arabian Nights. So, her entire childhood was through without parents.

Perfectly appropriate for all ages to read, Cameron Dokey puts her own fun spin on I have always loved fairy camerom and have recently been studying the re-tellings of Cinderella from across the world. I also just loved the romance in each of these books. Series is called Once Upon a Time as seen on the covers of the books.

I loved how she explained that both her and Jian’s heart beat as one. I loved the fact that Rapunzel was bald though. The author does a very clever job of adding a twist that makes the doky work.

From the moment she was born, she was dislike by her mother and fed by the sorceress. It’s based on dedication, commitment, trust, etc.

Once: Before Midnight/Golden/Wild Orchid by Cameron Dokey

She was simply very good at helping wishes come true. Young, beautiful, and wealthy, Emma Pennington is… More. To view it, click here.

What if that WAS the original story, that there was actually two girls involved and not just one?

Retrieved from ” https: I learned that every story has its good and bad whether we like it or not. For my mother was asking to bestow the most powerful wish there is, one that is a birth and death wish, all at the same time.


Overall cameroj was a great book with three interesting takes on the fairy tales that I really love. She lives in Seattle, Washington, with her husband and four cats. This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Not only was it an incredible and unique twist to the story, but it gives girls who don’t have hair, for whatever reason cancer, alopecia areata, or other hair loss related illnessa way to relate to the strong and confident Rapunzel.

There were no major antagonists which made them fairly boring in the end. Before Midnight is a re-telling of Cinderella.

Wild Orchid was a re-telling of Mulan and I loved it. Books by Cameron Dokey. Not just merely retelling! I was blown away and found myself in love with Dokey’s worlds and characters. It is my favorite stories in the book. Just before midnight, I arrived.

May 21, Alixendra rated it really liked it Shelves: Shelve The Night Dokfy Sorry, that’s not how life works. Cameron Dokey is the author of nearly thirty young adult novels. A Retelling of The Magic Flute. Such a fun read! Can’t wait to get the other books by this author. The story I love in this book most is Cendrillion, a retelling of Cinderella.