C, while object codes are saved with the file 10) In C programming, how do you insert quote characters (‘ and “) into the output. C is a programming language developed at AT & T’s Bell Laboratories of USA in The C programming language is a standardized. Answered Sep 25, · Author has answers and m answer views What are the current technical questions asked during TCS interviews? Views.

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Applet can’t access system resources on the local computer.

What is an interrupt? What is scope of a variable? Macro gets to see the Compilation environment, so it can expand defines.

Difference Between Cdma And Gsm. Instead, use the strcpy function. Both functions will accept a character input value from the user. Assuming that INT is a variable of type float, this statement is valid. What do you know about the garbage collector?

Electronics and Communications Engineering Interview Questions & Answers

Rise in Demand for Talent Here’s how to train middle managers This is how banks are wooing startups Nokia to cut thousands of jobs. On the other hand, C can directly access memory structures similar to assembly language routines. They are extern, register, auto and static. Decryption is the reverse of encryption; it’s the transformation of encrypted data back into some intelligible form. Feedback is a process whereby some proportion of the output signal of a system is passed fed back to the input.

The selection process of TCS includes written exam, technical interview, management interview and HR interview.


TCS Technical Interview Questions and Answers updated on Dec

It takes two parameters, the source string and the string value to fileetype appended to the source string. They are consider 2 year gap in through out career. Arrays contain a number of elements, depending on the size you gave it during variable declaration. Order of precedence determines which operation must first take place in an operation statement or conditional statement.

However if you had something like: Basic General Knowledge Level Advance knowledge about the relationship between data items allows designing of efficient algorithms for the manipulation of data.

There are four types of storage classes in C. Electronic communications engineers engage in research, design, development and testing of the electronic equipment used in various communications systems.

In an operating system, a deadlock is a situation which occurs when a process enters anxwers waiting state because a resource requested by it is quwstions held by another waiting process, which in turn is waiting for another resource. Garbage collection is an automatic memory management feature in many modern programming languages, such as Java and languages in the. Read This Tips for writing resume in slowdown What do employers look for in a resume?

It is made up of the commands and other English-like keywords that are supposed to instruct the computer what to do. The time allotted for topic discussion is 5 mins, so bring out all your ideas within that short span.

While giving the exam your age should not be less than 18 years. Structure types are primarily used to store records. Thanku so much sir Reply. Why should we use data ware housing and how can you extract data for analysis with example? Basic C Interview Questions.

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Top C Interview Questions & Answers

Some time they are conduct for GD round. The realloc subroutine changes the size of the block of memory pointed to by the Pointer parameter to the number of bytes specified by the Size parameter and returns a new pointer to the block. The use of a well structured approach to programming, coupled with English-like words used in functions, makes it act as a high level language. The operating system must not de-allocate resources once they have been allocated; they must be released by the holding process voluntarily.

A misplaced symbol, or lack of symbol, somewhere within a line of code can also lead to syntax error. In c main function has three arguments. Each side can further branch to form additional nodes, which each node having two pointers as well.

Write a Binary Search program. What is Memory Alignment? Cryptography is the science of enabling secure communications between a sender and one or more recipients. The gets function allows a full line data entry from the user. When using questipnsthe key that was pressed will not appear on the screen, and is automatically captured and assigned to a anr. I was a bit worried after this round.