JPJ4U Portal Kakitangan JPJ berfungsi sebagai pusat akses tunggal bagi kakitangan dalam Muat turun JPJ Aplikasi hanya melalui Google Play Store. – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan Malaysia. Hak Cipta Terpelihara. Dasar Privasi dan Keselamatan | Penafian | Hak Cipta | Paparan terbaik menggunakan . The JPJ numbers plate available for registration are divided into four dari Pengarah Negeri seperti kes pertukaran daripada ibu/bapa kepada Masukkan sampul surat permohonan ke dalam peti tempahan mengikut nama.

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Here’s the link http: Even car dealer has ‘runner’, the horang buyer has to present for the thumbprint. Comments Saya ada 1 kereta persona tapi saya nak tukar engine mivec 2. Buyer will need to buy bank draft and hand it over to the loan processing officer. Show posts by this member only IPv6 Post I did it on my self.

After done the name transfer, buyer need buy the car insurance. Dec 30 Im selling a car without loan. Oct 19 So its a win win situation.


Assuming I agree, will they prepare a loan agreement while asking me or seller to do the following – me and seller sign an agreement to purchase the car with reg card details with deposit of x amount. Bagaimana sekiranya sy suami mmbeli no plat ats nama sy utk kereta baru ats nama isteri sy.

boarng It will be less than amount owing as bank will deduct some interest from it due to the earlier payment. It’s my first time doing it, so a few pointers would be helpful. And you can renew it when you change name at jpj. Debit card or online banking transfer possible? Rugi on interest wei Once you apply and approved, they win.


You tukat only have problem driving the car for Puspakom inspection since it’s now illegal on the road and you need to pay more for Premier Mobile Inspection PMI Door-to-Door Services inspection. The road tax need to jp cancelled before cancelling the insurance.

Hi guys, Thanks for all the advice shown here. I’m from Penang, and the car seller is from KL. I’m staggering the inspection, insurance and transfer to different days so that I could skip taking leave. Seller ask me to fill up a letter to get the geran, but I’m the first owner and i have the car jpj kad with me as i have paid all. Forum bincang mengenai masalah kereta, cara repair tukag dengan harga murah dan panduan kepada pembeli dan pemandu.

I couldn’t image used car dealers wanting namaa inventory from the many conversations I’ve had with them. Need advised jlj, my car just done puspakom inspection and change name from company name to my individual name on 30 April. Then process the sale, then the buyer’s bank releases the money to used car Apr 3 So im planning do it my self without using vw runner.

Since mandatory inspections came into force inthe kereta potong are being identified. Not sure on recond-vehicle. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Fill form of new and old owners details. Saman Semak Saman Disini.


Laman Utama – JPJ Portal – Jabatan Pengangkutan Jalan

Cause that was my mum car and she decide to sell it according to her liking AKA fend Sui price. Erm, so you mean my company hasn’t cancelled tukarr insurance?

Around 2 months something like that. Syarat nak tukar interchange mesti ada yg baru dan yg lama,klu dua2 lama tak boley.

Change Of Ownership Without Runner Procedure

Aug 6 JPJ telah menetapkan setiap penambahan pada struktur panel kenderaan yang membawa tikar melebihi panjang badan kenderaan perlu mematuhi spesifikasi yang ditetapkan dalam garis panduan ini bagi memastikan pembinaan struktur adalah selamat, teratur dan mengikut standard.

So now some banker told me one of the way is ask the buyer go back to ambank to get his loan. Aug 24 Starry Starry Night Group: This applies when purchasing used car from individual and car dealer as well. I’m not too sure either. He will also need the original signed copy of the forms mentioned above.

On my way Group: For those who needs special request due to punched engine number, mounting modification, no approvla for sunroof etc or aka special case, you have no choice but to bare the fee’s of a runner which is going to cost definitely more than Rm tukqr special case. Apr 6 ,