The final book in this thrilling, terrifying series by New York Times bestselling author Barry Lyga is perfect for fans of Dexter. Read More. Genre: Teen & Young. Blood of My Blood (I Hunt Killers Trilogy, book 3) by Barry Lyga – book cover, description, publication history. Jazz Dent continues to hunt serial killers, and this time the hunt is all in the family.

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I literally could not put this book down and ended up finishing it while sitting in the rain at a football game.

Blood of My Blood Author: We get that part of his relationship with Connie is based around the fact that she is black because Billy only killed white girls still not really bxrry what I think about that. An ever-growing collection of others appears at: There have been so many instances of horror and desperation that one can only hope Jasper finds solace in some of the happier things that he learns.

BLOOD OF MY BLOOD by Barry Lyga | Kirkus Reviews

May 25, Stacee rated it really liked it Shelves: When he was a kid, everyone told him that comic books were garbage and would rot his brain, but he had the last laugh. Yes; this is the creepiest cover of the bunch. Barry Lyga takes a dark subject and injects just enough humor to add to the story without feeling forced. He’s in danger and yet the snark rolls right off him without missing a blooe. This is another reason that it came to rely solely on the twisted psychology Somehow, these three must rise above the horrors their lives have become and find a way to come together in pursuit of Billy.

Blood of My Blood

A lot of people guess the outcome of this book, of this series, way before the third book. Also, the books get progressively darker, losing the touch of humour that made the first book so standout. Bliod reviews, Hollywood interest, and Lyga’s ever-growing fan base should keep this splashy series capper on the front pages for some time.


Will Jazz end up a Crow or just another prospect?

I won’t be missing Billy Dent or the other crazy lygaa killers in the series. For all my whining, I think I preferred this book to Game maybe because after that one I knew to lower my expectations? Of course it would!

Yeah, I can be nice like that. Am faszinierendsten war allerdings Billy Dent. Unaware that his girlfriend Connie has been lured by Billy to a Brooklyn tenement house and imprisoned with Jazz’s mother, and that his hemophiliac friend, Howie, has been attacked, Jazz faces his demons alone-including repressed memories with sexual undertones, and the creepy voice of Billy educating his son on the acumen required to be a good serial killer appearing in italics.

Some books I hate to see end, but know enough that they have to. Yes, we as readers know that Connie and Jazz are an interracial couple. It was always the way. Are we either good or bad?

Can we hurt the people we love, sometimes thinking we’re doing them good when it is the contrary? Currently Reading Nothing at the moment! Long thought dead, she has a story all her own that will leave Jasper wanting to know more when finally they come face to face. Or barru of yourself? Kindle Editionpages. The final showdown was epic.

Book Review – Blood of My Blood (Jasper Dent #3) by Barry Lyga

I was glad Jazz managed to ruin his life though, it was what bpood deserved. In the previous works, I was fully invested in the crimes-who the killer was, what they were playing at, if Jazz would find the murderer s before it was too late, and, most of all, if they’d finally catch up to Jazz as he closed in on their string of killings.


Books by Barry Lyga. For more of my reviews, please visit: I know he had no trust in the police but it was daft bloood him to dismiss their help and it was definitely daft of him to attack them and go on the run when he was injured. I have no plans to explore what Ugly J was up to all that time.

You were just slapped so hard blood a plot twist that your jaw h You know you are in a Hlood Dent novel when: Who is the true monster? Connie and Howie are b,ood as usual, but since Connie is pretty much incapacitated for the majority of the novel same as Howiethey play a more limited role in this book than in the previous installment. She was so stupid and insufferable in the last book, there were still a couple of times where she managed to annoy me though.

In this case, I figure out who Ugly J was before I even started the thing.

Blood of My Blood (I Hunt Killers Trilogy, book 3) by Barry Lyga

William Tanner has also become a father figure to Jazz. View all 26 comments. For one thing, I don’t think this series needed three books. By Barry Lyga Mg Genre. The suspense and thrills never fail to surprise the reader. How can people believe so fiercely something’s right when it isn’t? I called the ending about mid-way through this book, but it shocked me and I didn’t lbood to believe it for a long time.

In a way, in only this way, it reminds me of the wait for MOBY Diana Gabaldon because the previous book had multiple cliffhangers.