Black Ice [Lorene Cary] on *FREE* shipping on qualifying offers. In Lorene Cary, a bright, ambitious black teenager from Philadelphia, was. Black Ice Summary & Study Guide includes detailed chapter summaries and analysis, quotes, character descriptions, themes, and Black Ice by Lorene Cary . With her first book, Black lee (), African American author Lorene Cary has entered the literary arena through the passage – a true rite of passage indeed- of.

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Is it a good one for what she is trying to convey? What does it mean to the older Cary who is telling the story? While reading Black Icestudents should be encouraged to research the history of American race relations and civil rights, and also to read the newspapers, paying special attention to current stories dealing with racial issues, particularly to those concerning young people.

I’m attempting to capture my boarding school experience in a novel and Cary has definitely inspired me to keep the candle burning. She is vice president of the school. That being said, this book certainly hit home for me because I am quite familiar with nearly all of the places and traditions that she mentions.

Paul’s, graduating in Black Ice is a memoir by American author Lorene Cary. Paul’s, she published a longer memoir, Black Ice, which was published in by Alfred A. What kind of a role model does Miss Clinton provide for Cary and her friends?


Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

This wonderfully frank and perceptive memoir describes the perils and ambiguities of that double role, in which failing calculus and winning a student election could both be interpreted as betrayals of one’s skin. This coming-of-age story was a terrific book club read–an engaging ie view of an elite boarding school complicated by race issues and life challenges.

She receives a Rector’s Award, but is not satisfied with it because it is not the highest award. Cary wrote the script for the videos of The President’s House: It is fascinating and moving, and she is an introspective author and teen, to an appropriately lesser extent.

Despite her gradual appreciation for and acceptance of St. Some phrases I really liked: Does the group shield these students, however, from some experiences that might be valuable to them?

It’s also a great way to discover new podcasts.

Black Ice by Lorene Cary

I often find myself envious of those who had a more “normal” childhood, a childhood where weight and ungainliness did not get in the way, for example. Nov 08, Adam rated it liked it. View the Study Pack. What does she imply in this sentence?

She cannot wait to graduate, but now that the day is here, she realizes she can never do her St.

Do you think it is an appropriate description icf her role at St. What books might have helped create it? She spent two years at St.


Why does Cary feel estranged from her Philadelphia friends, such as Karen and Ruthie, after spending time at St. Why does Cary quote the excerpt of the Shakespeare sonnet [p. I feel this one is likely to zoom toward the top of the to-read list. A new environment has its fair share of ups and downs.

Will such a goal ever be attainable?

Black Ice Summary & Study Guide

Read it Forward Read it first. Some of them never get down and dirty in this respect. Boarding school books always draw me in! The New York Times. In her Philadelphia school, Cary tells Mr. Not in terms of what the school expects of her, nor in terms of what she wants to be able to give back caary her family and community.

The book ends where it begins: How had I prepared myself for a meaningful future? How would you compare this relationship with the one she vary with Anthony, with her summertime encounter with Booker, or her friendship with Jimmy? The book, Cary’s first publication and the stepping stone to her career as a writer, was a critical and commercial success. The fact that it’s nonfiction only makes it better.

Paul’s, and eventually went back there to teach and to serve on the Board of Trustees.