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The session unit was designed for use at the middle school level and integrates science, social science, and environmental education with content focusing on the….

Trabalhou-se com o SPSS Desarrollo de fotonovelas para concienciar sobre trastornos de la conducta alimentaria en latinos en los Estados Unidos. Cuatro caricaturas ilustradas y guiones adaptados para adultos y adolescentes de ambos sexos fueron presentados en discusiones focales y en una entrevista de profundidad.

Resumen Las profesiones de la salud tienen un papel social dual. Por el otro, dictaminan las formas saludables, y por lo tanto socialmente apropiadas, de ser, actuar y pensar. El objetivo de este estudio fue explorar la manera en que una muestra de profesionales de la salud en Puerto Rico construyen a las PVVS.

Informacion para los Adolescentes.

FLAGELADO – Definition and synonyms of flagelado in the Spanish dictionary

Using a question angeled answer format, this booklet is designed to inform teens about the dangers of marijuana usage. Inset facts about marijuana and teen perspectives compliment the following topics: Conclusion La communication parents- adolescentes est insuffisante voire absente dans certains milieux. Los Alamos Science Facilities. Living in Los Alamos. The current concept and measures of self-efficacy for depression in adolescents do not consider developmental and cultural aspects essential to understand and assess this construct in Latino youth.

Meaning of “procarionte” in the Spanish dictionary

These constructivusta images covering north-central New Mexico Stockpile Stewardship was conceived in the early s as a national science-based program that could assure the safety, security, and effectiveness of the U. Argues that books in Spanish can engage Spanish-speaking students in the reading process, and that fostering the love of reading is a necessary first step to reading proficiency in any language.

Offers brief descriptions of 16 recently published books in Spanish, and describes a large database of recommended books for children and adolescents in…. Los Alamos offers Fellowships. Los Alamos National Laboratory in New Mexico is calling for applications for postdoctoral appointments and research fellowships. The positions are available in geoscience as well as other scientific disciplines.

The laboratory, which is operated by the University of California for the Department of Energy, awards J. Robert Oppenheimer Research Fellowships to scientists that either have or will soon complete doctoral degrees. Potential applicants should send a resume or employment application and a statement of research goals to Carol M.

Notes on Los Alamos. In an unknown author drafted a report, reprinted below, describing the Laboratory and the community as they existed in late This report, perhaps intended to be crafted into a public relations document, is valuable because it gives us an autobiographical look at Los Alamos during the first half of the s.

It has been edited to enhance readability. Los Alamos Programming Models. It starts by listing their assumptions for the programming models and then details a hierarchical programming model at the System Level and Node Level. Then it details how to map this to their internal nomenclature.


Finally, a list is given of what they are currently doing in this regard. A close look can pinpoint water on the lake beds at Edwards Air Force Base used previously for two shuttle landings.

El poder de los padres: Lo que los padres deben saber y hacer para ayudar a prevenir 11 embarazo en los adolescentes Parent Power: This guide discusses the importance of parent influence in preventing teen pregnancy, offering insights from research regarding: The water quality in these aquifers is dependent upon the rates of recharge and extraction natural and otherwise. Los Alamos Climatology Update. The Los Alamos National Laboratory LANL constructivsita the Laboratory operates a meteorology monitoring network to support LANL emergency response, engineering designs, environmental compliance, environmental assessments, safety evaluations, weather forecasting, environmental monitoring, research programs, and environmental restoration.

Weather data has been consyructivista in Los Alamos since Bowen provided climate statistics temperature and precipitation for the — averaging period, and included other analyses e.

This report provides an update to the publication Los Alamos Climatology Bowen Participants were Puerto Rican adolescents aged 13 to 17 years who completed the EADA and two other self-report measures.

An exploratory factor analysis yielded a two-factor solution Personal Self-Efficacy for Depression and Interpersonal Self-Efficacy for Depression accounting for The conceptual meaning of the factors was consistent with the distinction between aspects of this construct hypothesized to be important among Latino youth.

Los Constructtivista National Laboratory Overview. Teenage pregnancies in Mozambique: The purpose of this article is to provide insights into the demand for pregnancy-related health services by adolescent girls and young women in Mozambique.

These registers provide details of the service demands of, and services provided to the 8 adolescent girls and young women who accessed the 6 SAAJ clinics in Being pregnant or having been pregnant previously was associated with dropping out of school. A minority of the girls and women who were pregnant or had been pregnant previously agreed to HIV testing and counselling.

Notwithstanding the limitations for analysis, the results were alarming: However, as the first empirical assessment of pregnancy-related service demand amongst adolescent girls and young women in the country and involving a relatively large sample, we contend that this study affirms the need for expansion of sexual and reproductive health SRH services, including HIV services, for adolescent girls and young women in Mozambique.

Science and Innovation at Los Alamos. La importancia de los arrecifes de coral. Un cuarto de toda la vida marina depende de los arrecifes de coral para obtener alimentos y refugio. Los arrecifes sanos benefician a las comunidades. To validate a body dissatisfaction scale for adolescents. The Portuguese instrument was evaluated for internal consistency using Cronbach’s alpha, factor analysis with Varimax rotation, discriminant validity by comparing score means according to nutritional status low weight, normal weight, and at risk of overweight and obesity using the Kruskal-Wallis test.

Concurrent validity was assessed using Spearman’s rank correlation coefficient between scores and body mass index, waist-hip ratio and waist circumference. Reproducibility was evaluated using Wilcoxon test, and intraclass correlation coefficient. The translated and back-translated scale showed good agreement with the original one. The translated scale had good internal consistency in all subgroups studied males and females in early and intermediate adolescence and was able to discriminate adolescents according to their nutritional status.

In the concurrent analysis, all three measures were correlated, except for males in early adolescence. Its reproducibility was ascertained. It is recommended for the evaluation of the attitudinal component of body image in adolescents.

  JIS G0404 PDF

Los Medanos College Fact Book. Prepared to support the self-study and strategic planning processes at Los Medanos College LMCin Pittsburgh, California, this fact book offers information about LMC’s students, staff, programs, services, facilities, and expenditures.

CiteULike: Biologia 1 – Sep”un Enfoque Constructivista”

The first section focuses on the student population, including a trend analysis and longitudinal data on…. Los incendios y su salud. Get Google Earth Related Data: Los Angeles and Its Mistress Machine.

Los Angeles city has acute air pollution problems because of lack of an adequate mass transit system and the type of local industries. Air pollution in Los Angeles has affected agricultural production, vegetation, and public health in nearby areas.

Los Alamos National Lab: Arrecifes de coral en los Estados Unidos. Cyberbullying has been more common than the traditional bullying in recent years. As with the traditional bullying, humane values likely to explain the reason why adolescents tend to bully via cyber-means.

Cyber-bullying behaviors also reasoned by adolescents’ sensibility towards it. This study investigates the predictive…. Monica Griesbach, Photographer August Proton Radiography at Los Alamos. The proton radiography pRad facility at Los Alamos National Lab uses high energy protons to acquire multiple frame flash radiographic sequences at megahertz speeds: The facility is primarily used to study the damage to and failure of metals subjected to the shock forces of high explosives as well as to study the detonation of the explosives themselves.

The principle and techniques of pRad will be described, and examples of some recent results will be shown. The name of the viticultural Trouble Brewing in Los Angeles. The city of Los Angeles will face enormous budgetary pressures from the growing deficits in public pensions, both at a state and local level. Los Alamos Neutron Science Center. For more than 30 years the Los Alamos Neutron Science Center LANSCE has provided the scientific underpinnings in nuclear physics and material science needed to ensure the safety and surety of the nuclear stockpile into the future.

In addition to national security research, the LANSCE User Facility has a vibrant research program in fundamental science, providing the scientific community with intense sources of neutrons and protons to perform experiments supporting civilian research and the production of medical and research isotopes. Five major experimental facilities operate simultaneously. In addition, they perform fundamental research in nuclear physics, nuclear astrophysics, materials science, and many other areas.

The LANSCE User Program plays a key role in training the next generation of top scientists and in attracting the best graduate students, postdoctoral researchers, and early-career scientists. Los Alamos Laser Eye Investigation. A student working in a laser laboratory at Los Alamos National Laboratory sustained a serious retinal injury to her left eye when she attempted to view suspended particles in a partially evacuated target chamber.

The principle investigator was using the white light from the flash lamp of a Class 4 Nd: YAG laser to illuminate the particles. Since the Q-switch was thought to be disabled at the time of the accident, the principal investigator assumed it would be safe to view the particles without wearing laser eye protection.