BioDoc-It2 with its streamlined all-in-one design enables researchers to easily capture high resolution, publication-quality gel images with the touch of the. BioDoc-It and VisiDoc-It Imaging Systems. 2. System Introduction. BioDoc-It™ Imaging System. The BioDoc-It Imaging System enables simple documentation of . A review of the BioDoc-It with Fluor Cam from UVP. Unbiased reviews by scientists available at

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BioDoc-It Systems are now available in two different configurations – select your choice of camera and door design. Rotate the Zoom adjustment ring on the lens so that the image is as large as possible.

To use the transilluminator, turn ON the two transilluminator power switches. If you still have questions, call our help line found on the insert More information. Hewlett-Packard Company makes no warranty of any kind with regard to More information.

Browse By Item Number | Krackeler Scientific, Inc.

To change the biodod-it to a different location, click in the folder field and a Browse for Folder window will pop up. Network connectivity is also possible for transfer of images directly to a remote computer.

We invite you to read our Privacy Policy concerning any use of this information that you provide to us. HP Scanjet G series.


Place the filter inside the filter tray. Please read this entire manual before installation and use of this product. Click “Request Quote” at the bottom of the page. BioDoc-It Imaging System includes a high resolution, 1.

The selected folder will display in the auto save to box. Failure to do so could damage your equipment and void its warranty.

The zoom lens shipped may appear different than the one pictured at right. Status bar modes 8. Next, click Printers and Faxes, then right-click on the appropriate printer icon and select Printing Preferences. Inspiron 13 Regulatory Model: This manual should help you understand your new product. Carefully remove the filter from the protective plastic case, holding the filter at the edges to prevent fingerprints.

UVP® BioDoc-It™ 220 UV Imaging Systems

The converter plate is specially coated to convert nm UV output to white light. The location is selected in the PREF screen.

BioDoc-It Imaging System includes a 0. The filter tray is located under the camera bracket on the top biodocc-it side of the darkroom. This LED light combines a compact design with versatile More information.

Gel Documentation-System BioDoc-It2

Fax Customer Service, and send it to Write to: July Penpower Technology Ltd. We work around the clock and around the globe to ensure that our products maintain More information.


To view images captured and saved from the TS system, different 22 is required. These limits are designed. The large portion of each field indicates the current exposure status. Readjust the Aperture adjustment ring if needed.

Gel Documentation System BioDoc-It2

Plug the power cable from the printer into the power source. Additional filters are available. Turn the fuseholder cap counterclockwise and the fuse holder will pop out. Inspect the thin wire within the glass fuse to see if there is a break in the wire. Be sure the darkroom cabinet s door is completely closed. Press the Open button to open the lid of the printer and load the paper by allowing the loose end of the roll to come off the top of the roll.

Read the safety notices and important tips in the included manuals before using your computer. For innovative suppliers in general, the typical resellers and large bodoc-it companies will lack the scientific knowhow and focus in order to be successful. Please read carefully More information. Keep the equipment away from motors or other large magnetic equipment apparatus.