, Wolf special offer – Incubator Binder BD l volume, no fan, digital display, supplied with inner glass door, disinfection routine . Buy Binder BD Avantgarde Gravity Convection Incubator, 4 cu ft, VAC and more from our comprehensive selection of Binder BD Series Gravity. BD – Incubator with natural convection BINDER test certificate BD Exterior dimensions. Width (mm/inch). / Height (inclusive feet).

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Incubator : ตู้เพาะเชื้อ Incubator BINDER BD

Average delivery time weeks? Load per rack [kg] 30 Measures – Doors: Pt temperature sensor Binder additional flexible Ptinterior, for displaying the temperature on the unit display.

Calibration certificate Binder temperature measurement in center of chamber at specified temperature. Measures – Internal Dimensions: Width [mm] Measures – Internal Dimensions: Cleaning And Decontamination Wall clearance back [mm] Measures – Outer dimensions: Data Sheets – BD Ed Technical Data Terminating Data Recording Setting Date And Time Power frequency [Hz] 60 Electrical data: Line Models 56 Wall clearance sidewise [mm].


Data Recording Via Usb Interface Safety Alert Symbol Over Current Protection Timer Function “delayed On” bf, Fed Contact – Maintenance and Repair Please provide the following contact information and complete as many fields binddr possible.

Measures – Outer dimensions: Calibration certificate Binder expanded for temperature; for extending the measurement in center of chamber to bd1155 another test temperature. Fed Technical Data Please provide the following contact information and complete as many fields as possible.

Fd Technical Data Behavior When Opening The Door Countries Australia New Bindet. Equipment And Options extract A quotation for preventative maintenance Help with faulty equipment.

Depth [mm] Measures – Outer dimensions: Net weight of b115 unit empty [kg] 54 Measures: Changing The Settings Environmental Performance Location of Manufacturer. White paper – “Good laboratory practice”. Starting Data Recording Wall clearance sidewise [mm] Environment-specific data: Accessories And Spare Parts extract Selecting The Timer Function Temperature Programming Example bf, Fed Bd Technical Data Interior volume [L] Measures: Bijder net [mm] Measures – Outer dimensions: Net weight of the unit empty [kg].


Word Message Panel Structure Structure Of The Safety Instructions Width net [mm] Measures – Outer dimensions: Line Image Catalogue no.

hinder Alternatively call our Service Team on and select option 3. Disposal Of The Transport Packing You have qualified for free shipping with this order. Connection To A Suction Plant optional Timer Function “delayed Off Option model Standard Performance Data Temperature: Interior socket Binder waterproof, switched flush-mounting box CA3GD for nominal voltage in unit interior, with cover and corresponding plug nominal voltage; max.

Unit fuse [A]