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Furthermore, her illustration of the contrasting methods and goals of the Biopolis biomedical center in Singapore and BGI Genomics in China raises questions. BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI · BGI annotations, further analysis on sequenced strains from the EHEC outbreak – ehec-outbreak-crowdsourced/BGI-data-analysis. FT gene

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With a total of eleven sequencing instruments GATC has the largest commercially available sequencing capacity in Europe with two terabases per year.

Berry Genomics provides both clinical and research genomic services to the pharmaceutical and academic communities. In addition, Advanced Genomics provides genetic characterization and pathogen testing services of tissue samples and cell lines. Experiment in the Asian City of Life.

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Dr Caroline Janitz Phone: All of our team are highly skilled scientists dedicated to providing you with high quality data that you can use with confidence.

Our team has a strong expertise in all aspects of NGS, and can support you from the experimental design through to the comprehensive analysis of your sequence data. DeNA Life Science contributes to people’s health, happiness and future through the power of life science and information technology.

What are the benefits of becoming CSPro? GeneSeek, a Neogen Company provides comprehensive research and product development solutions for the Agribusiness, Pharmaceutical and Biotechnology industries. We aim to provide easy access to the latest technologies and cutting-edge scientific competence on high-throughput genomic analysis.

CSPro is a service partnership established between Illumina and service provider laboratories designed to help insure your success in providing your customers with the highest-quality genetic analysis services using Illumina’s leading-edge technology. Pasar al contenido principal.

NYGC’s Integrated Genomics approach includes experimental design assistance, sample preparation and quality control, next-generation sequencing, bioinformatics, and data storage. BaseClear is the leading service providing laboratory for DNA-based services and research in the Benelux region. Doreen Landau, Customer Relations Phone: Sequensys provides next-generation sequencing and Voila!

CSPro Partners

The Genomics Platform PGP is a division of Parco Tecnologico Padano which was established inin collaboration with European leaders in genomics and automation and offers high-throughput analysis. Our staff comprises highly qualified professionals with long-standing expertise in molecular biology, genomics and bioinformatics, and especially in the main applications of the latest technologies for nucleic acids analyses by next-generation sequencing and microarrays.


We support pharmaceutical and drug development companies around the world with timely, efficient and innovative laboratory testing services for their clinical trial programs. To stay abreast of recent developments in DNA sequencing, we operate several different next-generation sequencing NGS devices and maintain a fully equipped lab with highly skilled staff capable of performing a variety of challenging NGS applications.

Leave the sequencing to Berry Genomics’ sequencing experts, you will make your discovery faster! At the present we are the only lab in Italy offering these services on a whole range of organisms: Established in Marchthe Samsung Genome Institute SGI is implementing a comprehensive system for precision cancer medicine based on genome sequencing and analysis.

Service offerings include whole-genome including de novotranscriptome, methylome, ChIP, smRNA, and exome targeted or whole. Ambry Genetics is your partner for genomic solutions. We also offer a comprehensive portfolio of genomic products and other genomic services supported by the latest platforms and technologies including the Illumina Beadarray and many others.

You can also contact us for Illumina genotyping services. One of only three NIH-funded large-scale genome centers in the United States, the McDonnell Genome Institute at Washington University is a leader in genomics research as it applies to the study of biology, human disease, and the field of personalized medicine.

We have established broad academic partnership with home and abroad institutions, e. Weatherbys DNA Laboratory is the only ggi institution in Ireland offering a wide array of animal genotyping services using SNP and microsatellite technologies to cater for the Livestock and Bloodstock industries. We can help with experimental design, sample preparation, and provide CSPro Certified sequencing and genotyping services and data analysis.

The core facility is equipped with a HiSeq and a MiSeq for whole genome and targeted sequencing, and a HiScan for genome-wide genotyping, methylation and expression analyses.

Our portfolio includes next-generation sequencing, microarrays, and qPCR, with expert bioinformatics and comprehensive reporting for gene expression analysis, 16S rRNA, or gene panel sequencing or other genomic services. Micromon is a non-profit core facility within Monash University Melbourne, Australia. The massively parallel sequencing unit offers high quality sequencing data as well as analysis services offered by the bioinformatics platform. Large sets of validated SNP markers and arrays are available for many crop plants which bg be used in our services and collaborative projects during the entire plant breeding process.


Genotypic provides customized genomics solutions to researchers big academic, industry and government domains worldwide resulting in over publications and academic patents since SABiosciences accepts and processes cell, tissue, biofluid or fixed samples and then provides either pathway-focused or genome-wide analysis yielding superior results for scientists.

Cincinnati Children’s Hospital Medical Center. In Ong’s analysis, Asia emerges as a richly layered mode of entanglements, where the population’s genetic pasts, anxieties and hopes, shared genetic weaknesses, and embattled genetic futures intersect.

BaseClear offers a comprehensive set of genome and transcriptome sequencing services, including project design, sequencing and complete downstream Bioinformatics analysis of the sequence data produced using the Illumina sequencing platform.

Genotypic is a pioneering genomics service lab with Genomics and Bioinformatics facilities in Bangalore, India. The goal of our service is to become a reference for the development of research projects that are dependent upon Illumina technology and to be competitive in the 543 scenario including possible participation to projects founded by the European Community.

Our profiling services enable researchers to access microarray analysis without having to get involved in the experimental procedures themselves.

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Tech Only with data generation or Full Service with data generation and comprehensive cytogenetic copy number data interpretation. The lab is also listed on the Illumina CSPro website. No providers bgl the above criteria. Karen Michailo, Director of Marketing Phone: Expression Analysis provides whole genome to focused set gene expression and genotyping assays along with DNA sequencings services, sequence enrichment technologies and bioinformatics support.

CAG will work with you from experimental design through data analysis and reporting.