Definition, Meaning and Bases of Departmentation such as Functional, Territorial, Process, Product, Customer, Time, their merits & demerits are explained in this. The question arises: On what basis should we carve up the members of the organization Here are six common bases for departmentation. Departmentation: Meaning and Bases | Organisation Process. Article shared by: After reading this article you will learn about Departmentation: 1. Meaning of.

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Demand for the same product for same set of consumers differs during different times. There are departmentatiln of co-ordination and supervision of employees who work in shifts.

Bases Methods Types departmentatjon Departmentalization Bases or methods or types of departmentalization are depicted in this image.

The problem, of course, is that having two bosses can be confusing, and is a situation that is easily exploited by subordinates, who can pit their bosses against each other.

Product departmentation is grouping of jobs and resources around the products or product lines that a company sells. For example, a print shop may have separate letterpress and offset departments — two different processes for getting the same outputs. Thus, organisation structure is facilitated through departmentation.

Notes on Departmentation: Meaning, Importance and Basis | Organisation

Bases or methods or types of departmentalization are depicted in this image. This method of departmentalization is generally used in schools and colleges for making division of classes.

A bqses industrial buyer for one product, for example, may be a small buyer for another product. Before preserving your articles on this site, please read the following pages: Some people therefore report to two bosses.

Process departmentation is found in chemical industries and composite textile mills. In a similar context, a small business or firm may operate only within city boundaries through its offices established in east zone, west zone, north zone and south zone of the city. Newer Posts Older Posts Departmemtation.


So they are the first to be grouped together under “General Foreman: This necessitates the introduction of departmentation. Division of organisation on the basis of geographic dispersal of activities appears on the organisation chart as follows: Under this basis of departmentation, the business is divided into a number of departments on the basis of product handled by the firm.

Secondly, a branch or an office is established in each geographical zone to manage local affairs of the company in that zone. Departmentation, thus, helps in expanding an organisation drpartmentation also promotes efficiency by dividing the work on the basis of specialisation of activities and appointing people in various departments on the basis of their specialised knowledge.

Top managers find it difficult to hold accountability of any one department for failure of the product in the market. Advertising department sub-department of marketing departmentfor example, can further have sub-departments like advertising in Newspapers, Radio, TV etc. The tightest interdependencies are between the turning, milling and drilling operations. Manufacturing paper, for example, requires processes like crushing the bamboo, making pulp, purifying the pulp, making paper rolls, and cutting it into rims.

What would happen if we did it randomly, without regard for tasks? This is the most common basis of departmentation, under this the departmentation takes place on the basis of the basic functions of the enterprise. This type of pf is found in service industries and business like banks, insurance etc. This type of departmentation provide the benefits of both functional and product structures. Examples of functional departmentalization include; production department, depatmentation department, marketing department, human resource HR department, etc.


Hence, an appropriate customer departmentalization serves this purpose. Best example of process departmentalization can be seen in a textile mill where we may have a spinning department, weaving department, dyeing department, printing department, etc.

Departmentation on the basis of product is made where the business has produced a number of products. Each geographic unit has resources to cater to the needs of consumers of that area.

Departmentation (Grouping)

Now think about it in terms of interdependencies. When organisations sell to customers with different needs, departments are created on the basis of customers. Can create significant duplication of effort and knowledge throughout org. They can be gainfully employed during evening or night shifts.

Bases Methods Types of Departmentalization

Reynolds project, and so on. The matrix form works best when one dimension is a permanent affiliation typically functionaland the other is a temporary dimension, such as a client project. It results in duplication or multiplication of efforts because same functional activities are performed for different products. Military forces also use this method. Combined base departmentation is also called as composite departmentation or mixed departmentation.

If workers are not able to carry out the activities efficiently, managers can train them to do so.

Groups formed in order to achieve economies of scale. Process departmentation is found in those industries which involve different processes of production. Here you can publish your research papers, essays, letters, stories, depatmentation, biographies, notes, reviews, advises and allied information with a single vision to liberate knowledge.

Denotes the combined base departmentation.