The Practice of Magical Evocation is the second volume in Franz Bardon’s series on Hermetic Science, and provides first-hand information about angels. for these. But an explanation ofthe esoteric symbolism of the magic circle is what would even be worse, he co Franz Bardon – The Practice of Magical. 1. 2. Practice of Magical Evocation – Merkur Edition – If you like this electronic copy, please consider buying the original from htt:// or.

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It is not possible to give a full description of all this, for this would go far beyond the aim of this book.

Then remove its pith so that you get an elder-pipe. Stefan rated it it was od Mar 31, No magician should ever forget this fact. But it is not essential at all, and a good magician, having all the laws perfectly under his control, can certainly do without it.

Franz Bardon – Practice of Magical Evocation

When charging the mirror the magician has to concentrate on evocxtion desire to keep off all undesirable influences. At the moment of their application the magician must be almost in a state of complete ecstasy. Celeste rated it it was amazing Oct 21, Would you like to tell us about a lower price?

Because the majority of bardonn had not undergone any magic training by law, they could only understand these fragments from their individual point of view and, in consequence, pass on their knowledge incompletely and onesided. Many magicians carve into their wand the symbols appropriate to their will-power and the charge of the wand. They teach the mature magician subject matters from A to Z, i.

Therefore I intend to give the studious and eager magician a completely satisfactory description of the magic circle according the Universal Laws and Analogies. But only a special kind of wood, suiting the purpose, may be used.

The trident is practie an enlarged symbol of the magic sword: God, the creator of the universe, has not created anything unclean or evil. In principle it will, however, be up to the magician to choose the sphere in which the mirror is to operate. For the intelligent student these hints will suffice and will serve as guiding principles. The censer serves, as I have said above, as the symbolism of the materialization of a being. The snake prachice in the centre is magicsl only the copy of an inner circle, but, above that, it is the symbol of wisdom.

The purer and brighter the coloured atmosphere of a being or sphere takes shape and the more it shines and glistens the higher is its intelligence and the purer is its quality.


The Practice of Magical Evocation

A true magician is hardly any different from an average citizen, for he always tries to adapt himself to any other person, any situation or occasion. The effect bsrdon such a circle on the mental or astral plane, indirectly also on this material world, depends, in this case, on the grade and strenght of such an imagination. The praxtice censers symbolize the fact that the magician carrying out an evocation has eevocation the positive, the good, and all the negative, the bad, beings under his power and that he is able to materialize them.

Joseph York rated it evication was amazing Mar 09, Your concentration must then be filled with the idea that all your will-power, your strength, is embodied in the wand. The effectiveness of the wand will first work on the mental sphere, then, after some time and repeated charging, on the astral sphere, and finally even on magjcal the physical world.

It is not difficult for him to imagine that not he, but the Divine Spirit in all its high aspects is actually drawing the magic circle he wishes to have. The same procedure is to be followed as described in the preceding chapter. Very deep and involved Hermetics work.

Besides this, all other measures must be taken, like, for instance, the insulation of the rod with white silk, its secure keeping and so on.

The pfactice ceremonial magic offers is that by repeated, respectively constant use of one and the same instrument results can be attained without the use of the magician’s personal strength.

Amazon Inspire Digital Educational Resources. When the magician uses his magical instruments he must be in a state of complete rapture. If it seems desirable and necessary, any magician, on the basis of my instructions, can make his own additional magical aids for particular magical purposes, and I [Franz Bardon] shall supply the guidelines as to how he is to proceed.

The Practice of Magical Evocation : Franz Bardon :

When operating with negative being the appropriate colour has to be deep and saturated. If the magician is operating in a closed room, the lamp may be placed in the magic circle or into a corner of the room. The greater the prxctice of attraction of the magnet, the better it works. A magician will not have just one wand for his practice, but he will make several wands depending on what he intends to do or attain.

When applying this principle, the charge of the magic wand is possible, but not any kind of accumulation, since the Akashaprinciple cannot be intensified. Besides this, other meanings may be attributed to this snake-symbol, for example the snake’s strength, the power of imagination, etc. As soon as the magician – during an act of evocation – takes into his hands one, or the other, of his instruments, he will get the contact he wants and the results he is aiming at without any special effort.


Page 1 of 1 Start over Page 1 of 1. The beings of the Sun appear in a golden colour, those of the Mars planet in a red colour, those of the Venus in a bbardon, those of the Mercury sphere in an orange and those of the Moon in a silvery colour.

In the case of magical operations for which no magical weapons are needed the lines of the triangle may be traced by a magic wand or with the forefinger alone. Also before use id suggest to follow initiation into hermetics and have done at least 2 years of continuation meditation before use! Not only does it provide a powerful intellectual rationale for and explanation of the art of evocation itself, it also outlines the actual practice of the art in great detail, including instruction as to the creation of magic wands, circles, garments, and so on.

Repeated charge of the wand will make it not only effective in the mental and astral planes, but also in the physical world. When working in a room, the circle may be drawn on the floor with a piece of chalk. A Buddhist magician drawing his Mandala, putting his five deities in the form of figures or diagrams on top of the relevant emanation, is, at that moment, meditating about each single deity whose influence he is trying to evoke.

The magician who has a wand filled with a fluid condenser, without the wand being parted in the middle, will find it more advantagious to have the wand filled with only one fluid, as this also will make the work easier for him.

Since the magician usually works with both fluids, he should take the wand charged with the electrical fluid into his right hand, and the wand charged with the magnetic fluid into his left. It stands for the Beginning and the Ending for the Alpha and the Omega, as well as for Eternity, which has no beginning and no end. The being or power evoctaion by the magician will either effect the mental, or the astral, or the physical world, just as the magician wishes to have it.