Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews Overview, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament. Hebrews 12 Commentary, One of over Bible commentaries freely available, this work deals with two of the most important books of the New Testament.

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Privilege and duty are inseparably connected, yet duty will never be performed where faith is absent. Satan is ready to tell us that verse 5 presents to us a beautiful ideal, but one which is altogether impracticable for ordinary people—alright for preachers, but impossible for others. The Lord does not act capriciously, nor does He afflict willingly Lamentations 3: The gracious miracles which He wrought upon the sick and demon-possessed, were attributed to His being in league with the Devil Matthew Chastisement is by no means always God”s scourging of His refractory sons.

The Perfecting of the Church. At different periods of history God has permitted fierce opposition to break out against His people, to test the reality and strength of their attachment to Christ. Admonition to Heed the Word of God.

Thus his building of the ark was the work of faith and patience, a labor of Godly fear, an act of obedience, a means to his preservation—for God’s covenant with him Genesis 6: None come to God, none truly seek Him, until they are made conscious of their lost condition.

Herein lies the beginning of all spiritual declension—a lack of the due exercise of faith, and that in turn, is the result of the heart growing cold toward Christ! That God made the world by His word; that Isaiahby His essential wisdom and eternal Song of Solomonand by His active will, saying, Let it be done, and it was done 5.


Hebrews 8 – 9 ; Hebrews The Christian’s chastisements magnify God’s love. Here is your recourse, fellow-Christian: Second, it was merely the fruit of his toils, the product of his labors. Faith is a convictive power which overcomes carnal reasonings, carnal prejudices, and carnal excuses. From verse 8 to the end a.w.pikn the chapter, the Holy Spirit gives us fuller details concerning the life of faith, viewing it from different angles, contemplating varied aspects, and exhibiting the different trials to which it is subject and the blessed triumphs which Divine grace enables it to achieve.

Hebrews 12 Commentary – A.W. Pink’s Commentary on John and Hebrews

There is something to be done on our part: There is a future life for believers: By faith in Christ the person is accepted of God.

The order of thought followed by the apostle in Hebrews 11 was ably and helpfully set forth by an early Puritan: An account hereof the apostle enters upon in the close of the foregoing chapter; and withal declares unto them the only way and means on their part, whereby they may be preserved, and kept constant in their profession notwithstanding all the evils that might befall them therein, and this is by faith alone.

The “worlds,” or universe, were “framed,” that Isaiahwere adjusted and disposed into a wise and beautiful order, by “the word of God. The second division of Hebrews 11 begins with the verse which is now to be before us. If this staggers the reader, let him contemplate the opposite. As the Lord Jesus taught so plainly in the Parable of the Sower, where the “thorns” are permitted to thrive, the good Seed, the Word, is “choked” Matthew If God consulted only His own pleasure, He would not afflict us at all: Whether or not we “profit” from them, turns entirely on the exercises of our minds and hearts under them.


Any degree of faintness of mind in the Christian results from and consists in a remitting of the cheerful actions of faith in the various duties which God has called us to discharge. Though the incarnate Son of God, He was spat upon, contemptuously arrayed in a purple robe and His enemies bowed the knee before Him in mockery. He had quoted the testimony of Habakkukwho says that the just lives by faith; he now shows what remained to be proved—that faith can be no more separated from patience than from itself.

It is blessed to behold how that once more his appeal was to the Holy Scriptures. It is the hiding of our Father’s face which cuts to the quick.

Bible Commentaries

It has reference to God”s education, nurture and discipline of His children. We are living in a world which is under God’s righteous curse and death is plainly stamped across everything in it. Sense is ever ready to slander and belie the Divine perfections. This gave occasion hwbrews the whole doctrinal part of the Epistle, the exposition of nebrews, by Divine grace and assistance, we have passed through.

There should be a diligent striving to apprehend God’s love more fully and richly.

It comes from two Latin words, sub stans meaning “standing under. But what is signified by this expression?

Chapters 1,2are more or less introductory in their character. Hebrewss bare fact that a man who walked this earth thousands of years ago escaped death may astonish, but it supplies no practical help. Yes, indeed; nevertheless it has to be “bought” by its recipients Isaiah