The Setup for the installation is “AvERP Komplettpaket”. Only the database with some data is “Datenbank (demo)”. tagged with German, Open. FreeUDFLib von AvERP (in Delphi, enthält einige Erweiterungen) – vollständig Die Übersetzung der Dokumentation ins Französiche verdanken wir Jean Lhoir. FBCON Hilmar Brodner – AvERP I Grundlagen und PHPtree – Firebird basierende PHP Anwendung für Dokumentation und.

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Tera Gold Tera Online Gold. HK Services, Transaction Monitor Rekursionen in Prozeduren und erste eigene Prozeduren Benutzer erstellen und Rechte vergeben Di Feb 14, 5: You can have a look at this feature by downloading the aver; version of the database http: I gather from that, that a certain ‘Reihenfolge’ should be used when importing.

The ID field is used to link the different tables, e. I have a basic question.

In AvERP you only see the adress number. Erstellen einer eigenen Datenbank For dokumentatioj, cheap wedding dresses plus size in traditional Chinese culture, the color red is regarded for centuries as the symbol of good luck; while in the Occident, wedding dresses a full-length white wedding dress is always associated with romance and sanctity.


Performance Internetbetrieb von Datenbankservern, Pingzeit,Route We provide live PHP training.

How much is your blog worth? Your firebird service can’t find this file. Mo Feb 20, 2: Mo Dez 31, 2: To find more information about Oest Tsetnoc please visit my Oes Tsetnoc pages. HK-Software has implemented a streaming system based on the Firebird database server, which publishes pictures and audio, as needed to view the presentations from theand Firebird Conferences.

Do Feb 09, 4: If you look at the structure of this table you won’t find a field where the part number is used. Fr Feb 10, 9: I have about customers, so a shortcut is essential. Before you can add dolumentation customer you need an adress.

Kleiner kommunikation

In each of these tables there will also be constraints. Has anyone migrated a database sucessfully yet? Prozeduren entwickeln und optimieren Just looking for the Kundennummer.

I usually use a spreadsheet to export and manipulate the data for imports. Du darfst keine neuen Themen in diesem Forum erstellen.

AvERP-Ubuntu10-Installationshandbuch 04.03.2011

Have played around with Access etc. Views und Updatable Views All I need to know is what are the corresponding fields in which Tables. The same concept is used within the entire database. So don’t worry about your sub parts list.


Hallo, I’m new to SQL and real rational data bases. I have to enter the date. So I have to know the sequence of the tables and what has to be entered into each at import.

• Thema anzeigen – “ID” in alle Tabellen

Before you can add an adress, you need a postal code and a language, and so on. There is currently about 55GB of video data available, with around hours of firebird-related presentations from last two Firebird Conferences and other events. New sessions in IBExpertLive! It is widely said that the bride is the most beautiful woman all over the world.

Internet Firebirdverbindung mit Zebedee A reinstallation of firebird should fix the problem. OK, Kundennummer is the label “Id. Datenbank Parameter und Hintergrundwissen There are also around parts incl. Which is the first table where the data can be imported to and then which is the next, etc.

In access the unique key was generated by accass when a new customer was entered into the system.