INDUSTRIAL PDA Users Manual details for FCC ID VUJAT made by ATID Co ., Ltd. Document Includes User Manual AT User Manual English_Rev1. Atid AT Pdf User Manuals. View online or download Atid AT User Manual. View and Download Atid AT user manual online. RFID Reader. AT Rfid Systems pdf manual download.

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It’s all quite arcane, and decisions as to what OS should be used will almost always depend on intended application and legacy IT frameworks for more on Windows CE 6. The AT base unit is definitely smaller and lighter than the Moto, but that’s mostly because the Motorola is larger so it can accommodate either one of its three keyboard options whereas the AT only comes with the less extensive standard key keypad.


Below you can see screenshots of the onscreen keyboards and Transcriber. At8870 CE allows you to build a wide range of innovative, small footprint devices. AT—hardware The pictures below show the AT from the front and from all sides. The picture in the center shows the walking pop-up scroll menus that provide access to all the rest of the applications installed on the device. The Sign Pad app shown on the right is an example of how the AT can be used for signature capture.

There’s the micro-SD Card slot located ah870 the battery compartment. Since Windows CE devices, including the AT, are instant-on, it’s generally good practice to have the device quickly go to sleep when it is not used. The halves are secured together via eight small Torx-type screws. The good news is that after all is said and done, there’s still nothing that provides full and totally reliable interoperability with existing Microsoft enterprise infrastructure and enables the use of the ubiquitous Microsoft development tools thousands programmers are familiar with.


Atid AT870 User Manual

It can, according to A. Below you can see some of the basic screens of Windows CE. The display is recessed a bit, but resistive touch screens are inherently susceptible to impact damage, so at the very least we suggest screen protectors. The Moto’s standard battery has higher capacity, but the AT can add a second battery in the pistol grip. On the left you can see the camera app that can be used to document things. For audio, there is a microphone below the right bottom, a rather powerful speaker above the display, and a small headphone at the bottom.

That’s the bad news, and one can only wonder what caused Microsoft to keep things this basic for so many years. But while the AT can indeed be used as a rugged smartphone, A. IP65 totally dust-proof, protected against low pressure water jets from all directions.

That adds up to another Systems has different game in mind. And it also contains a task switcher see bottom right of the right picture above that you can use to quickly jump between active apps, or also close the active app, all apps, or all but the active app. The AT has a resistive touch screen, a time-tested technology still relevant in the field where it may rain on the display or people wear gloves, but very different from the effortless multi-touch tapping we’re used to now.

Systems, a Bohemia, New York based company that’s both been a manufacturer and distributor of ruggedized computing equipment since After a bit of getting used to it all works quite well, and the white on black keys have blueish illumination so you can use the keypad in the dark. The handle of the optional pistol grip can accommodate a second, larger battery, that one rated at 4,mAH and we measured a current of 4. It’s not very elegant, but we’re not talking iPhone here.

Rugged PC – Rugged Handhelds: A.C.C Systems AT

The imager has an LED “aimer” and is designed to scan from at8870 two inches to about a foot for a standard 30 mil bar code i. The board is also very clean, with a minimum of components.


That is a far wider range than the conservative 41 to 95 degrees Fahrenheit generally listed for consumer electronics, and means the AT can be used in all but the most extreme climates. In this class of devices, it is also ativ competitively priced and definitely warrants consideration for any atif that requires extensive data collection features, including RFID, as well as easy integration into existing Microsoft IT infrastructures. For WiFi, support of the “a” and “n” standards would have been nice, but that’s fairly uncommon in handhelds and smartphones.

St870 fancy Snapdragon or Tegra chip here. The microSD card slot is springloaded, but still requires a bit of fidgeting to get the card in and out.

Developers, of course, can use GPS input for whatever custom applications attid required. Image quality is doable but not great, so it should be used within its limits.


The device can be used as a phone. This can greatly extend battery life, though it can also be annoying to have to wake it up all the time. Now truth be told, Windows CE is not a pretty operating system. Since handheld devices may get dropped while the user is walking or running, some manufacturers test against damage when “tumbling. There’s a qt870 imager scanner or an optional 1D laser. Here you have access to all the device’s utilities and helper apps.

So short of being immersed in water, the device should be to handle any and all exposure to liquids. According to ACC Systems, the main battery is good for 12 hours on a base unit with the 2D barcode imager based on scans in one work day.