5 MB app. Asma ul Ashab e Badr Ashab e Badr ke namon se her dua qabool. Related to Duaen Companions of Prophet Muhammad PBUH in Battle of Badr. The names of the holy Badr sahaba extracted from “Badr Mawlid” written by Allama Mappillai Lebbai Aalim. (Rahmatullahi Alaihi). Log into our multi-lingual. I have a question in regards to something, what is Dua Al Badr or Al Badri? I heard someone speak of it they briefly mentioned that it was A.

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Sayyiduna Hamza bin al-Mumayyir al-Khazraji R. When the the names of the people of Badr are mentioned, a prayer is accepted; a person who mentions these blessed names is surrounded by divine mercy, forgiveness and consent. Sayyiduna Mistah ibn-i Uthatha al-Muhajiri R.

Sayyiduna Thabit ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Utban ibn-i Malik al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna ar-Rabi’ibn-u Iyas al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Sahl ibn-i Rafi’ al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Rafi bin Harith al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sulaym ibn-i Milhan al-Khazraji R.


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Sayyiduna Asmqul ibn-i Ruqaysh al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Abdurrahman bin Awf al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Dhakwan ibn-i Ubayd al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Amr ibn’ul Harith al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Jahsh al-Muhajiri R.

waseela by asma ul badr

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Suraqa al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Marsad ibn-i Marsad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Muadh ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Nu’man ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Sa’d ibn-i Uthman al-Khazraji R.

List of participants at the Battle of Badr – Wikipedia

Sayyiduna Rafi’ibn’ul-Muall al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Hatib ibn-i Amr al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Khallad ibn-i Amr al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Suflan ibn-i Bishr al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Hubayl ibn-i Wabra al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Ubada bin Samit al-Khazraji R.

The Message Of Badr Battle (1)

Sayyiduna Ma’bad ibn-i Abbad al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Uqba bin Amir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Siqf ibn-i Amr al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Bilal ibn-i Rabah al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Rafi’ bin Malik al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Shammas ibn-i Uthman al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Tariq al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna al-Hubab ibn-i Mundhir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Amr ibn-i Qays al-Khazraji R.


Sayyiduna al-Harith ibn-i Simma al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Khallad ibn-i Suwayd al-Khazraji R.

Sayyiduna Rafi’ bin Yazid al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Rawaha al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Jubr ibn-i Atik al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Sayfi bin Sawad al-Khazraji R. However, it is necessary to say bdr anh May Allah be pleased with him ” when the blessed name of each of them is said.

Sayyiduna Abdullah ibn-i Numan al-Muhajiri R. Sayyiduna Khirash ibn’is-Simma al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Umayr ibn’ul-Amir al-Khazraji R. Sayyiduna Asim ibn-i Adiyy al-Awsi R. Sayyiduna Wahb ibn-i Sa’d al-Muhajiri R.

Sayyiduna Salama bin Aslam al-Awsi R. Some people said, “If the names of the people of Badr are read before a prayer, this will cause that prayer to be accepted quickly.