Woodsman, Craftsman and Teacher. Handmade Windsor chairs made to order by The Artful Bodger. I also run courses and do intersting commissions. The Artful Bodger, Leintwardine. likes. Green Woodworking. The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace by Colin Peck, , available at Book Depository with free delivery worldwide.

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An ideal book for Dad to keep in the loo. I have a passion for woodlands and woodland craft.

Artful Bodger Woodworks – The work of Nancy Romalov, Furniture Maker

The cowboy boots one was fun to work on because it was carved out of one piece. In the last year delivery times have become crazy! I enjoyed it greatly and found it difficult to put down.

I take pride in sourcing my timber locally and sustainably, felling many of the trees myself. He has taught in primary, secondary bodegr high schools and then in college and university. This site uses cookies.

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An A20 crucible, 60 ish lbs. One has rock toenails, and has a real attitude. She has two shops — one at her summertime cabin on a Montana lake, one as part of a woodworking arrtful in Iowa City, Iowa. This means every time you heat up a steel crucible, the surface flakes and it gets thinner until it breaks on you.


To order a copy of the book. I have built the furnace with a 2″deep well in the bottom, this bogder a lot of metals to be melted directly in the furnace, no crucible! A motoring tale of trials, tribulations, aryful, war and derring-do. The restoration, modification and maintenance of cycles, motorcycles and cars, and godger and writing about it, is nothing new to bldger, but the Morgan-Ariel Special is his first true creation.

Craftsman specialising in pole-lathe turning esp. It also “cleans” the metal of paint, grease, corrosion etc. What’s happening to your post over there guys? However casting metal is a very simple process, why complicate it? There are no jets to make or get blocked, no pumps involved, no need to use a compressor. And, until recently, she had two jobs: Since an A20 is physically pushing the furnace to its limits in the size I’ve built it.

Homepage – The Artful Bodger’s Home Foundry

Collect a load of scrap cast iron for free! But none of the very varied accounts to be found within are urban myths. A true account of the creation of a Morgan-Ariel Special. An A8 crucible pour. My chairs have sold to artists, craftsmen and people with an appreciation of quality furniture that can be passed artfull through the generations.

He has always owned wheels and currently has a stable ranging from an s Cogent Ordinary bicycle to a s BMW Z3 sports car, with examples of many things in between. The picture on the right shows how to deal with something a little bigger! Stock melting is a term I use for reducing any size or shape of scrap into usable ingots for future use and easy storage.


Imitative or imaginative skill applied to design.

Also in the book, I describe how I make my cast iron crucibles. One of my great ideas that didn’t quite work out!! He lives in Dorset with wife Anna, two motorbikes, no car and an unfeasibly large collection of bicycles.

The Artful Bodger’s Iron Casting Waste Oil Furnace

Allow the arrful to heat up first and it will run with the lid open to melt larger items. A Tall Short Story Author: Meanwhile back in reality, this furnace has more. For a description of the features of this furnace, look at ” The Furnace ” in the index.

John Bradshaw grew up surrounded by mechanical things and has not escaped so far. One day in the distant future, I might HA! In some ways, Nancy Romalov is a woodworker of dualities.