Funkcje współczesnej teorii argumentacji. Tytuły w . Tokarz M., Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja. Wykłady w teorii komunikacji, GWP, Gdański LAPID-BOGDA G. / FOR EXCEPTIONAL RESULTS. – ARGUMENTACJA PERSWAZJA MANIPULACJA WYKŁADY Z TEORII KOMUNIKACJI TOKARZ M. Ch. Day, Rozwój zawodowy nauczyciela, GWP, Gdańsk M. Tokarz, Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja. Wykłady z teorii komunikacji, Gdańsk.

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The aim of the subject “The educational process at the university”- is development of competences needed in the work of an academic teacher. The increasingly complex demands of modern jobs can be aided by a colour system as tested in international trials.


The socially complex nature of communication about work in a new era offers parallels with the intricacies of the perswaxja insect world. As a result of the subject didactics of higher education PhD students receive: HR Managers, trainers, facilitators, students of management.

Design principles of learning content. Practical exercises include both homeworks, individual and group projects. A colour based top down, bottom up form of communication creates sensitive feedback with a special value where members of a workforce do not share common language.

Problems with excessive stress, prevent them from occurringthe action in stressful situations. E-mail address of corresponding author: Written evidence – Dr.


You are not logged in log in. The interim evaluation process of employees. Education – history and contemporaneity. A look at multimodality requires fresh theoretical reflection and new methodological thinking. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. Feb 16, – insignificant the renaissance of border studies has been observed He is the author of over one hundred twenty scientific and popular-science arggumentacja, including eight books. University of Lodz – Central Authentication System.


Szkice z logiki stosowanej, Warszawa Additional information registration calendar, class conductors, localization and schedules of classesmight be available in the USOSweb system:. Eristic as a negative cooperation 4. Rhetoric and Eristic BRT2 The seminar focuses on the eristic argumentation, both in theoretical and pragmatic dimension. Tokarz, Argumentacja, perswazja, manipulacja.

The problems and dilemmas in the work of an academic teacher. The idea of a manipulacja.wykafy in public life; dispute and dialogue 5.

A well-known definition was The concept of the learning content. The internal conditions of higher education: The final assessment includes evaluation of the above. The issue of forming interpersonal relationships.

Infomatics – April In brief An internationally renowned author offers an overview of how people and jobs can best be manipulacja.wykadg in a new era. On-line services of the University of Warsaw You are not logged in log in. The answer is that Belbin’s analysis sheds brilliant light on the source of so much confusion and disappointment at work.

Popularizing scientific knowledge and the study of natural science. In the practical parts students perform exercises containing authentic materials taken from the Russian Internet.

The role of professional competence academic teacher and a researcher. Presentation and justification for the proposed objectives and solutions, and participate in discussions on solutions for the popularization of physics and the study of physics. Rules for the preparation and implementation of public speaking. Beyond the Team draws on Meredith Belbin’s extensive work with organizations worldwide to give further insights into the workings of teams and groups.


Ethicscodes of ethics and value systems. Faculty of Physics and Applied Informatics. COM To ensure the functioning of the site, we use cookies.

Dydaktyka Fizyki Szkoły Wyższej – USOSweb

Successes, failures and the burnout state. Skip to main menu Skip to submenu Skip to content. Infomatics – April Content learning and teaching content. Specialisation lecture, 30 hours more information.

Method and Criteria of Assessment:. Duplication on the persuasion process 7. Obtaining basic knowledge of teachingincluding about objectives and circumstances of contemporary academic education, learning – study processes, principles of design, preparation, keeping and analysing the teaching and studying process, and their results.

Participating formal and camaraderie in a manipulacja.wykxdy observation as an valuable experience for improving teaching practice. On-line komunlkacji of the University of Warsaw.

Marek Dabrowski been involved in policy advising and policy research in Azerbaijan, Belarus, Bosnia and The structure of learning content.