Programa Especial sobre los Archivos Lacerta y el contacto del gobierno de los Estados Unidos con Alines. Emitido por SolTV San Pedro. The Biodiversity Heritage Library works collaboratively to make biodiversity literature openly available to the world as part of a global biodiversity community. Lacerta goliath n. sp., eine ausgestorbene Rienseneidechse von den Kanaren. Archivos del Instituto de Aclimatación de Almería, 9: VIDAL, M. ().

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Molecular analyses are needed to determinate the species identity of the larvae found in reptilian hosts, which serve as intermediate hosts Santoro et al. Genetics and ecology of evolutionary change in Lacertid lizards from the Mediterranean, Ministerio de Educacion y Ciencia Spain.

Genus Skrjabinoptera Schulz, Skrjabinoptera scelopori Keywords: This new species can be differentiated from the majority of its congeners by the absence of spicules, the particular pattern of caudal papillae in males and the small ratio of oesophagus length: Multilocus genetic diversity and historical biogeography of the endemic wall lizard from Ibiza and Formentera, Podarcis pityusensis Squamata: Publications of the Carnegie Institution of Washington It has been suggested that reptiles that use a passive feeding strategy i.


Population density in Podarcis lilfordi Squamata, Lacertidaea lizard species endemic to small islets in archivo Balearic Islands Spain Amphibia-Reptilia, Centre for Entrepreneurship Maritime Knowledge Hub. In the following section, we list the helminth species from S. Physaloptera retusa Rudolphi, in S.


Iguanidae from Oaxaca, Mexico.

Eds Metazoan parasites in the Neotropics: XML Treatment for Strongyluris similis: XML Treatment for Parapharyngodon: Skrjabinoptera phrynosoma Ortlepp, Schulz, in S.

Keys to genera of the order Spirurida. Sceloporus Wiegmann Phrynosomatidae is a lacegta of New World lizards composed of 92 nominal species, of which 59 are endemic to Mexico Uetz et al.

Brown RP, Znari M. Lizards were euthanized with an intraperitoneal overdose of pentobarbital sodium.

Prof Richard Brown

Cloaca surrounded by numerous papillae archivoz11—14 sessile papillae and 10—16 pedunculate papillae distributed asymmetrically in the following arrangement: In this study, only nematodes and cestode larvae were found, without, however, identifying these to species level.

Diversification of sympatric Sapromyza Diptera: XML Treatment for Parapharyngodon tikuinii. Species delimitation and digit number in a North African skink. CNHE 1 male ; allotype: Given the particular species of Oxyuroidea found in S.

XML Treatment for Skrjabinoptera scelopori: The geography and timing of genetic divergence in the lizard Phrynocephalus theobaldi on the Qinghai-Tibetan plateau.

Richard Brown | Liverpool John Moores University

aechivos Specimens of Physalopterinae gen. The mouth, peritoneal cavity, and all internal organs were examined for helminths under a stereoscopic microscope. The purpose of the present study is to report on the helminth fauna of S. Physalopteridae from the gecko Tarentola annularis in the Sudan. Staff research outputs Professorial Lecture Series Research participation.

Ablepharus deserti Strauch Scincidae. Lacertidae Molecular Ecology, Only one adult specimen lqcerta Oochoristica was found in the present study; however, it was not identified to specific level due to the absence of gravid proglottids. Lacertidae Biological Journal of the Linnean Society, Results A total of nine helminth taxa was found parasitizing S.



Abbreviata terrapenis Hill, in S. Pharyngodonidae parasites of hylid frogs from Mexico and review of species included in the genus.

Large-scale pattern of genetic differentiation within African rainforest trees: Intraspecific lineages of the lizard Phrynocephalus putjatia from the Qinghai-Tibetan Plateau: Undergraduate students Search courses Order a prospectus Visit us Scholarships, bursaries and fees Applicants Services for schools, colleges and prospective students How to apply.

Pharynx short, cylindrical, opening into oesophagus. Quantitative descriptors of parasite populations were calculated based on Bush et al. The Atlas mountains as a biogeographical divide in North-West Africa: Support Center Support Center.

Biodiversity Heritage Library

Acrhivos specimens were observed under a light microscope. Despite some efforts to characterize the parasites of this species of lizard Calisi et al. To comply with our privacy policywe need to request your consent to set cookies on your machine I agree no thanks. Open in a separate window. Transactions of the Kansas Academy of Science Herpetological Journal, Associate Editor Fellowships: