I am thinking of making a Quenya course for English speakers. Although it’ll take me a while to consider the benefits and disadvantages, I have a pretty good. QUENYA Una mujer se paró enfrente de Esbelia. –¡Quiubo, mami! Esbelia – Mucho gusto, repitió Quenya. De modo que Suleica debería aprender de mí.

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Sindarin is from what I’ve heard in an even worse state, and I just won’t say anything about the other Tolkien languages. I already have been learning them on other websites.

Hey i had the same qeunya and would love this course, but i have one qunya. Aglardh – home for discussion on Eldarin and other Tolkienian languages! Polish – all the original Ardalambion articles translated by Gwidon S. The original or the one Tolkien used later? The Tolkien Estate will probably have to give it an okay, but after that a short course would be viable. Out of all Tolkien’s languages, its grammar is the least based on speculation.

At the bottom of that page is a link titled “Deactivate my account.

There are already flash options available on Tolkien fansites that such a keyboard could be based off of Then we might have something that could be stamped as “official Quenya”, it still wouldn’t be the Quenya Tolkien himself thought of, but it would be the closest thing to it.

I posted in this thread before that I aprendee consider applying as a contributor after I had studied the language a bit more.

Although none of it’s “game-ified” and as easy to use as Duolingo is! If you are careful you can compose some fairly accurate works in those languages, it just takes a lot of work.


The Tynntangial page – with some Quenya vocabulary stuff and yes, this is where I stole the background for this page! I definitely think that you should create this course.

português | Quenya

I would also point people to another quote from the link above: Thanks for the explanation and for the link! It is a Wikipedia article, but it has 30 good sources. Frankly, it galls me to see a Game of Thrones language available and not a LotR language.

I tried the High Valyrian course, even though I am not a big fan of Game of thrones, the course is a;render To know that the clarification to a bit of sketchy grammar may exist out there, but that we can’t get our hands on it And sure, they all work, but it is not Quenya, some even refer to themself as simply “elfish” Alviska in Swedish to point this out.

Como se diz (…) em Quenya?

Since Tolkien never fixed his languages firmly or described them completely enough to provide any such comprehensive and corrective model that never being his goaland since thus even Tolkien himself was never able to speak Quenya or Sindarin fluently or casually that too never being his goalit is consequently a further inescapable fact that no one has or ever will be able to speak Quenya and Sindarin, any more than anyone will ever again quebya able to speak, say, Etruscan or any other fragmentarily-attested non-living language.

But yeah, Neo-Quenya isn’t exactly what Tolkien would’ve wanted I’m sure, and regardless, Duolingo only does so much, aprenedr I agree. The only trouble I could see is that the tree will probably be rather small and the course short so the development team will just have to be very creative in writing as many unique sentences as possible to keep the learners interested.


Tolkien seems to have based Quenya on Finnish see http: Oh, I’m not discouraging anyone from learning more about Quenya. Apparently no one bothers to read the whole thread. The development will stay as is?

Como se diz (…) em Quenya? | Quenya

In addition your previous comment states a bit to the opposite of the course being “not good”. Whereas you can finish the Spanish or German tree and qkenya a decent knowledge of those languages but have a woefully small vocabulary compared to a native speaker, the Quenya and Sindarin course can boast that someone who completes the whole tree will have a complete mastery of not just the grammar but also the entire known vocabulary.

But I think I can do qquenya if I interpret some things. These 3 are totaly different apreender still based on the same Quenya, but made “easier to speak” in different ways. Which brings up the point of why it would be aprende difficult perhaps not impossible, but extremely tricky to create a Duolingo course on Quenya. After I made this web site, I started receiving mails from people wanting to translate my articles into other languages.

Sasha 6 5 4. There are far too many gaps in our knowledge about the grammars of these languages and even much of the vocab.

You may also want to check out Yet Another Tengwar Tool yes, that’s the title! It changed a lot.

But of course, having the author alive helps: