BOTANIC DESCRIPTION. Anogeissus latifolia is a small to medium-sized tree up to 20() m tall. Bole straight and cylindrical or sometimes more poorly. Common name: Axle Wood Tree • Hindi: Dhau, Dhoy, धौरा Dhaura • Marathi: dhaora, dhamora, dhawda • Tamil: namai, vel-naga-maram. Deciduous trees, to 18 m high, bark mm thick, surface grey or yellowish- grey, smooth, subverrucose, lenticellate; blaze pinkish-brown; branchlets brown to.

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Personal Communication Orwa, C. Diet composition of Golden Jackals Canis aureus Mammalia: The present study was aimed at determining the vascular plant species richness of an urban green-sp Sociality is one of the distinctive features of Lions Panthera leowhich are the only social fel Non Timber Uses The bark of this species has a high tannin content.

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Leaves elliptic with a red petiole. It is found on a variety of soil types but prefers deep alluvial soils.

Describes average size, max, range; type of size perimeter, length, anogeissus, weight Deciduous trees, to 18 m high, bark mm thick, surface grey or yellowish-grey, smooth, subverrucose, lenticellate; blaze pinkish-brown; branchlets brown to reddish-brown, drooping, terete, pubescent. A textual diagnostic description of the species that is not necessarily structured.


Search in all latifoliaa Search within this group. Stake Posts 5 – Propriedades fisicas e mecanicas da madeira e do contraplacado de Pinus elliottii. Branchlets are used as fuelwood.

Scientific Name Synonyms Conocarpus latifolia Roxb. Lalithamba Creative Commons Attribution 2. Plant and animal families Plant and animal species. Message The user has shared this species from India Biodiversity Portal with you.

Axlewood, buttontree, dindiga-tree, ghattitree, gum-ghatti [english]. Describes the general appearance of the taxon; e. Periyar Tiger Reserve Polyporaceae is reported for the first time from India. Polyporaceae a new record from India Desc: Natural History Natural History Cyclicity.

Interesting Facts Edible gum is medicinal and used to prepare sweets and cool drinks. However, this is the preferred element if an object includes all of these things and details about conservation listings. If you would like to support this site, please consider Donating. Pterocarpus santalinus is a highly valued medium-sized leguminous endemic tree with a restricted ra Estimating the density of Red Junglefowl Gallus gallus Galliformes: A detailed survey was conducted from October to Marchto estimate the population density Field tips Bark grey, smooth.

The present study reports new distribution records of two species of polypores; Pycnoporus cinnabar Inflorescence dense globose head, mm in diameter, one or more peduncle from the same leaf axil, sometimes branched peduncle equal to pedicel; bracteole very minute, nearly rusty pubescent. However, benefits to ecosystems not specific to humans are best treated under Risk statement what happens when the organism is removed. Nutritional evaluation of forest tree leaves as livestock feed in sub mountainous region of India.

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Canidae in Van Vihar National P Latigolia determine population status of wild latifklia using reliable sampling techniques forms an important Describes the likelihood of the species becoming extinct in the anoggeissus day or in the near future.

Flora of Fergusson College campus, Pune, India: Document specific search options Title. Wind energy is an upcoming major source of clean energy. A study on the density, population structure and regeneration of Red Sanders Pterocarpus santalinus F Describes growth rates, allometries, parameters known to be predictive, morphometrics.

Anogeissus latifolia in Flora of Pakistan @

Tree seen in Latifoli forest in Bangalore Photograph by: Can also include hypotheses of paedomorphy or neoteny, etc. Describes methods, circumstances, and timing of dispersal includes both natal dispersal and interbreeding dispersal. Encyclopedia of Life EOL.

Indian Endemicity Geographic Entity. Login eFloras Home Help. Leaves simple, opposite to alternate, estipulate; petiole mm, slender, grooved above, glabrous; lamina 2. Trissolcus jatrophae Rajmohana et larifolia. Bark with greyish white patches, flakes irregular.